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Hey, stop staring at my boobs…. Yeah, I have boobs so what? Like two hands, two legs, two ears. I have two boobs? Boobs are just a part of our body. When my eyes speak, you eye at my boobs. Are you biologically programmed to stare at boobs. Nature has given nipples to man and woman. You could take your shirt off and walk down on a road, post selfies on Instagram no one cares but if I do, it would be the greatest crime of the century and a lewd exposure of my body done with the intent to arouse the sexual desire of other person. Just because it’s hidden, and yours does not bloat like ours? Just because our boobs have sizes? And so male nipple never been as socially sexualized as female nipples. Have you ever got a comment about your penis? Have you ever had a stranger visually raping your penis? Has anyone asked your size of your penis? Has anyone asked you to cover your penis with a scarf? Have you ever seen penis objectify in songs? You’re a man, you probably don’t think much about your nipples and penis and Yeah, why should you? When it’s hardly anybody notice them. I’m a woman, so mine is obscene, indecent. We’re living in the society where Man can pee on the public places by showing his penis but women can’t feed her baby in public places. Breast are a beautiful part of the women’s body. When she snuggles her baby close to her breast, she is not only providing her baby with the best nutrition possible but an indescribable nurturing relationship. Word’s can’t describe the bond that breastfeeding creates between mom and baby. I’m wondering the way we’re comfortable as a culture with the sexualized breast, the breast found in advertisement and pornography and sexting, but not the breast that feeds a child. Did you know that give so much pain while breastfeeding, it’s a wonderful, yet painful one… latching and cracked nipples, clogged ducts, breast engorgement. This may sound different, but you should know how women faced those terrible pains when she feeds. She never worries about getting sagging boobs, sore nipple, bumpy and dark nipple when she feeds her baby. . . . #articleaboutboobs #wordscommunity #writingcommunity #thescribblerstories

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Why? Why do you do that? Stare at my breasts like they are cute babies calling out to be cuddled. Strip me naked, slowly, every time I enter the bus? Try to glimpse into my cleavage when I am sitting and reading in the metro. Who gives you the right? To grope me in the crowded bus? To fall on me "innocently" when I buy popcorn in the theater. When I sit cross legged in the auto and you stop your bike and look hungrily at my legs. A piece of meat, am I? How do you think I feel? When I have to continuously watch over my shoulder, because it is 10 pm and there is nobody at the bus stop, except you. Staring at my neck. When I panic, because my phone is dead, and I am in a cab wearing a backless dress? When my friends and parents worry that I have to travel alone at night? When I am sleepless in the bus, thinking, that your hands will pin me down and yank my clothes away? To be scared. Afraid. Tensed. Every time I am not at home. What makes you think I like it when I find you smiling at my bra strap that shows? Yes, I wear a bra. Yes, it shows. So? Ohh, don't say that its my clothes! I have found you eyeing the waist of that woman who was wearing the plain faded saree. Your eyes get all excited when the young college going girl enters the bus in just a kurta, no dupatta covering her bosom. And yes, one slip of the pallu or dupatta and you go wild. Staring. Smiling. And staring. So, if I have a beer in my hand when I am on a beach, you think you can click my picture? When I wear hot pants and laugh with a guy you think you can pinch my ass? Does the lit cigarette in my hand seem like an invitation to you? To come violate my body with your eyes? Yes, I am a girl and I drink alcohol, so I am an 'easy target'. Is that it? Yes, I drink. I smoke. Does that mean I want to have sex with you and every man on the street?You.Who teach your daughter to be safe from evil eyes, don't flinch before mentally having sex with me when you see me on the street? You, who get angry when a boy smiles at your sister, don't feel ashamed standing at the street corner whistling at me every night. No practice what you preach, for you, right. Do you still think I am the one who needs to change!

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Have you ever doubted on your partner? Maybe you're still confused whether they lust you or love you. I will explain it, when somebody is lusting on you and trying to fool you that it's love. Here are few situations which clearly show that it's lust not love: _______ ✓While talking to you, they'll try to look, touch your private parts vulgarly and look for opportunities to silently grope it. _______ ✓They'll ask you to get physical frequently and whenever you deny, they'll force you, threaten you and sometimes try to hit you emotionally like "If you're not getting physical with me that means you don't trust me" etc. _______ ✓They'll constantly ask for your nude pictures without caring about your comfort. _______ ✓They'll try to offer you night outs or call you at some abandoned places or sometimes hotel rooms. _______ ✓They'll always talk about your private parts. _______ Getting physical in a relationship becomes need sometimes as you get so much into someone you love that you just want to get physical with them, it's not wrong if you ask someone for getting physical. The problem is when you force someone or when you fool someone that you love them but deep down you know your devilish intention is to fuck and leave. Stay loyal with your partner and if you really have lust on them then clearly mention that it's lust not love so that the person won't get emotionally hurt and expect a lot more from you.