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Not cool mom

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What, Mom? I’m just sitting here looking cute ... no, I did not start to pull off all of the vine leaves. #MrTheo #plantsaresnacks 🐻😇😈

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Belle, the 7mo old Golden Retriever. Belle is descended from an Olympic gold medal. Not an athlete, the gold medal they give to athletes. She hopes to live up to that family legacy in 2020.

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Hump day! Half way to the weekend. 🎉 Mom says she’s going to take more professional photos of me this weekend because I’m getting so big!

42 minutes ago

Releasing our first album this spring 2018. #rapper

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Texture 23: Cow Parsley with Green Bottle Fly and Common Red Soldier Beetles.

45 minutes ago

It’s a rainy one, folks! Make sure to pupare before leaving the house; grab your umbrellas, boots, and rain jackets! An even better plan tho - don’t leave the house at all. Call in sick to work, skip class, and stay in bed with your heated blanket on high. Or abandon your dog like my mom did. Ugh. #bye

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Grace:”Dog friendly hotel, yes. Dog friendly elevator...not so much. Any human nearby, can you press the down button? I want to hit the gym and get some treadmill time before we get back in the car.”

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When you kiss your significant other in the morning and both of you have to pretend like your breath doesn’t taste like garbage #WhyDoWeDoThis

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Happy Hump Day 🐫I went to work with Daddy yesterday and today I am going to Chill with my mommy today.She is home 🏡 this week because she is a teacher 👩‍🏫 and they are off.I don’t think 🤔 I could be anymore comfortable.Enjoy your Day and Remember to be kind and thoughtful to all that you meet🐶🖤🐶😘🤗😘 #pawtycrewpals #bulldogstudcrew #chewiesmeme #igbulldogs_worldwide #igbulldogs_nyc_area #bulldog_corner #bulldogsofinstagram #bulldogs_ccs #bulldogs_petsagram #bulldogloversofinsta #bark #barkpost #barkhappy #worldofcutepets #worldofbulldogs #bestwoof #dog #paws #crufts #bulldoglovers #englishbulldogworld #bulldogmoments #bulldogsrule #dailybarker #bulldogsofig #bulldog.funny #pawesomepics #placeopups #voudoodolls #bullylove #

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Enjoying my afternoon nap 💤

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We are not lazy, we are just highly motivated to do nothing. -Sherlock+Watson

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Mom's at work all day, so I'm waiting all day 👀