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🌞GOOD MORNING 😍 BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE Let's get MUVING!!!👣 Make something positive happen today. Do something for you and remember to share your magnificent smile with others. 😁 Start off with your To Do list with 3-5 things to accomplish that you wrote last night. Didn't do it! 😯 It's okay🙂, you have time, it won't take long. 1 of those should be for you. Write it down 📝 or use an app 🤳 or both. 🖤Get it done because you know you can🖤 #ItzNvr2Late4U I will be thinking of you.😉 🤞Promise yourself to have positive thoughts today. 💞 It's amazing what setting a plan in motion can do for you. For example, if I am going to leave my house I make sure that every stop I have to make is completed in my one outing and around the heavy traffic patterns. I accomplish what I need to with less stress. Man do I love when I have positive moments. 👊 I'm sure you do too. 💪What are you going to do to make things better for yourself today? 🌞 🙈🙉🙊 👣Let's get MUVING!!!💋 #YadiraMuvesU #K5MOJO #MondayMotivation #DailyMuves #BeautifulU

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Remember that you are loved and that it is amazing to share your smile & change someone's day for the better 🖤 LOVED every single day. THANKFUL every single day. Take a moment and shout it out today. POST a pic of someone or something you are THANKFUL for. #YadiraMuvesU #K5MOJO #THANKFULymu #LOVEDymu #BeautifulU

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The hashtag of the day is #hot! I LOVE Qld weather but today has beaten me. Starting with tennis lessons in insane temperatures at 7.30am (the kids, not me!) A lovely meeting and an amazing brand new Payot facial at @beautifulyouhairandbeauty (my skin is still glowing!) and then out for a Thai lunch with my hubby. For the rest of the day I won’t be venturing outside our air con. I’m even setting up the sofa bed so I can sleep under the air con unit tonight with whichever kid gets too hot! I would say in the 3.5 years we’ve lived in Australia, the last 24hrs have felt the hottest! Thank goodness for air conditioning. I guess in the UK we used to get days when it was too cold to go outside, so I can handle that here we have the opposite occasionally. Which do you prefer - being hot or being cold? (I definitely prefer to be hot!) #summerinQueensland #beachlife #redcliffepeninsula #beautifulu #busyday #thisisQueensland

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❌ NEW PRODUCTS❌ Buff away dead skin and reveal a new level of radiance with two NEW exfoliants! Gommage Douceur Framboise - Exfoliating Gel in Oil is a weekly face scrub packed full of real raspberry seeds for super-soft exfoliation. Perfect for those that like a granular exfoliator, it purifies, revitalises and softens skin whilst restoring comfort back into your complexion. Peeling Oxygénant Dépolluant - Crackling Foam Mask is an exfoliating face mask that utilises the power of AHAs to diminishes dullness and brighten your complexion. Ideal for all skin types that need a detox, it cleanses, exfoliates and adds radiance to your skin after each use. #loveyourskin #beautyguru #beautysalon #brisbanesalon #brisbanedayspa #brisbaneanyday #facialqueens #beautifulu

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Все уже видели эту зимнюю сказку, но нельзя ещё раз ею не поделиться (на самом деле еще несколько раз 😅) как здорово, что эта красота продержалась аж три дня. Ну а сегодня желаю вам не утонуть в лужах 😅 #москва #снег #природа #зима #январь #город #видизокна #россия #мороз #холод #❄️ #snow #winter #nature #january #moscow #russia #town #coldday #cold #view #beautifulu

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Monday Motivation : Monday is a day for beginnings and new starts.  It’s a day where the week is before you and possibilities are endless. Begin the week with momentum and you’ll look back with great satisfaction on all you achieved.