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I don't know why but I find something sexy (just a little bit) about that photo Oh and I like it!!! Sexuality is a subject that has been going through a lot of criticism What I think ? Personally every woman must have her sexuality her charming sexy attitude but don't mix that with immorality I definitely don't mean that ! As women we are sexy Willing beautiful edged sometimes aggressive sometimes sweet other times risky it's in our intense nature! I believe is beautiful to express that but let's not make it inappropriate by dressing like some desperate chick craving for attention Ladies self confidence and self respect We are sexy without to show every secret part of our body What makes a woman sexy is her attitude her confidence,if she knows how to act in a delicate way therefore to have some matters (and plus having good sense of humor) And to know how to move her body And I don't mean to be seductive of course but to move with confidence And most important her eyes The way she looks at the others can melt them AT SECONDS!! It's a secret charisma that can be ur nature or can be acquired 😉😉😍😍 #me #selfie #instagram #colorful #people #pic #📷 #aboutconfidence #delicateway #nothingwrong #with #beingsexy #womannature #eyeskill #charmingcharisma #💋

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• SCARED • It scares the shit out of me sometimes, this slowing down proces. Listening to my body. I feel my body again and with that I feel a lot of pain. Sore body like I have been working out really hard. It scares the shit out of me! But when I let the mind rest and start tuning in I feel the message. The message for 2018 is slowing down! I see so many people around me doing an awesome job and I am proud of them. It is hard for me sometimes not to go to action because ideas are flowing and I want to manifest and do. But to be, you don’t need to fix. To be you, you just have to listen. Listen to your body, your light, your deep womb knowing. It is all there and for me this is resting. Being in the now, being in the body. Radiating sensual light from the body❤️♥️✨