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, 時間的に見てる人少ないやろし のろけま~❤︎ 昨日のことだよ~ 少し遅れめのバレンタインお菓子を プレゼントしたよ~ 2年3ヶ月の記念日やけんって事で 会うことになって,ごはん食べることになったけど 喧嘩して全てが台無しって言いたいところだけど 仲直りしたから結局いつも通りの記念日だた〜 卒業式いけないけど,終わったら行きます~ 待っててな~ この写メ卍,(自称 まだいいね押せてない人います, テスト終わったけんどんどん押していきます🙏🏻 , #カップルフォト #過去pic #記念日 #デート #anniversary #卍 #bf #caple #まりのあ #ldk #sjk #highschool #気取り #いいね返し #instagood #私は #日本人です

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・ 1年近く前の #過去pic 新宿でやってたどれみちゃんカフェに付き合ってくれたときの😂 今晩からの夜勤5連勤が終わればやっとやっとおでかけ行ける〜! はやく終わってほしい🤢 ・ #久しぶりのデート #残念ながら #雨予報 #せめて曇りでお願いします #🙏

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真っ白でディズニー行ったら雪やばすぎて雪だるまになった⛄️💗 寒すぎて4時半に帰ってきたけど本当に楽しかった🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️ 昨日はありがとう!! 次はほっかいどーーー #disney #disneysea #snow #bf #love #enjoy #white #リンクコーデ

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#Repost @dr.jacob.harden ( @get_repost) ・・・ A NEW APPROACH TO PAIN . Tonight I want get you thinking about pain in a different way.🤔 We often think about pain as damage. If it hurts then it has to be causing damage in some way. But that's really not always the case. Pain is PROTECTIVE. It is there because your nervous system (aka brain) doesn't feel SAFE with whatever you are doing. So it alerts you via pain so that you protect the area. . When we look at the literature, what we see is that many of the things we think of as debilitating, torn rotator cuffs, labral fraying, herniations, impingement, etc actually are present in people who are pain free too. 😕So what gives? Well, we shouldn't always be laser focused on structure and what the MRI says. We should focus on function, how it's limited related to our goals, restoring tolerance to movement, and guiding the healing process if necessary. . Drills like this can really help with that. There are a few things going on here that can help with your shoulder pain. One, we have a solid progression and regression plan that lets you work within your own movement tolerance. Two, we create torso stiffness, which can provide a safety net to the brain so that the feeling of threat is decreased. And three, we create some movement complexity so that we increase our input to the brain, make you think about all that's going on, and don't just solely focus on your shoulder. All of these affect how our brain processes what we're doing. As we work through repetition of tolerable movememt, our brain learns that we are ok there and let's us go a little further. And as we continue to progress, the available function continues to improve. . This is approach to pain is a big part of Day 2 of my Prehab 101 course (shameless plug: tickets on sale - link in bio 😁). As you find more ways to move within your tolerance, you'll see how pain starts to improve as you gradually work through the progression. . Tag a friend with shoulder pain and share the wealth! . #Prehab101 #bf #batistafamilyENT #batistalowfatpancake #batistafamily #mercikhawaw #melakarian @officially_bf_enterprise

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こちらこそありがとう!つぎは伊勢!たのしみだ🤤🤤🤤 これからもずっと笑っていられたらいいなぁだいすき🕊❤ …にしても近っ! #bf #instagood #わかりほ

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super auguri a una delle persone migliori che conosco, che dopo 7 anni è ancora al mio fianco e sa prendermi sempre nel modo giusto. Propositi per i 18: guidi tu per andare a scuola, offri il vinello e mi batti a briscola #bf @_fferra_ ❤️

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There will always be room for your hand in mine...... 🌹🌸🌚 #love #bf #