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Burn Relief Testimonial This happened to me today.....When taking a Pop Tart, that had icing on it, out of the toaster this afternoon at approx. 3:45pm, it flipped over and landed on the palm of my right hand. Boy did that hurt! Immediately I knew I had burns on my hand. I ran my hand under cold water and it stung! I thought about my oil and decided to put it on the palm of my hand and rub gently over the surface of my palm. It stung but I know it saved me from having at least two blisters. www.cbdhealsu.com Here are pictures and times to show that the CBD oil worked well! Left to Right: 3:45 pm; 4:45 pm; 7:30 pm and 8:45 pm. In the last photo you can see the blister on my thumb that did not get as much oil on it as the blister at the base of my index finger, but the oil saved me from two huge blisters! CBD oil truly is liquid Gold! www.cbdhealsu.com #cbd #cbdheals #burns #cbdoil #dr #naturalhealing #healing #blackpanther #makemoney

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In 2009, Egypt attempted to reclaim the 3,400 year old bust of Queens Nerfetiti from a German foundation which denied its request. While Egypt struggles to get it returned, Germany continues to profit from Queen Nerfetiti. The figure draws more than a million visitors. #BlackPanther

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I put so much emotion in this vest from it being my mom old jacket from every patch and pin has a story behind it. This "Note to Self" vest is a reminder of who I am in today Society and I wanted to show what I stand for as a black woman, something I'm proud to be. @chrisbrownofficial @remyma @issarae @blackpanther β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ β€’ #remyma #melanin #chrisbrown #kapernick #issarae #beebold #selflove #blacklove #blackgirlmagic #bees #beeu #love #livelife #smile #beeyou #blacklivesmatter #stopkillingus #dobetter #confidence #wakandastyle #blackpanther