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Happy (Chinese/Lunar) new year, my friends! It's the year of the dog, which means ... I don't actually know what that means. But Lunar New Year does mean eating well-- and in our case, for many days in a row. New year coinciding with Vday and President's Day means more time for me to kick back, relax (sorta), and spend time with loved ones! . This year we weren't as traditional in what we ate. Practicality with scheduling (and perhaps general laziness) contributed to three nights of dinner: hot pot, Korean BBQ, and American BBQ. Hey- it may not be traditional, but it was certainly delicious! Our American dinners always come with an Asian flair, anyway. . Also, tradition wasn't completely thrown out the window. As a married couple earning money, we no longer receive red envelopes. Instead, we prepare and hand them out to the kids and to our parents. Hurrah, adulthood! . 35mm black and white film photo of my niece, #skylartheponyo, making dumplings for Chinese New Year last year.

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