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Full casting for my "Black Cat" movie for the MCU: Zendaya as Michelle Jones/Black Cat Cree Summer as Felicia Hardy, the original Black Cat who now works in a NYC costume store Walton Goggins as Joseph "Hammerhead", a crime boss who killed Michelle's mother Millie Bobby Brown as Ari, one of Felicia's employees and Michelle's best friend Aaron Paul as Morris Bench, one of Hammerhead's partners who works on imports by boat and Steve Yeun as Abner Jenkins, a weapons developer who works with Hammerhead #mcu #marvel #spidermanhomecoming #zendaya #blackcat #movies #casting

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Book your Black Friday Specials now!!!

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작년 이맘때 인가 .. 역시 여자는 긴머리 *(๑• ₃ •๑)*