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a few minutes ago

there's some crazy stuff being cooked up in my music world. honestly a bit scared. and wild excited at the same time. can't wait for you to hear it.

19 minutes ago

Sundays are for snuggling. And let’s be real, editing, because it’s November.

36 minutes ago

t-minus 4 days till our tables are filled w all the fixins 🦃 🍴+ surrounded by friends n family 🍁. till then @milkandcheerios is serving up sleek sophistication #mywestelm [feat the emerson dining table]

an hour ago

The sweet Land family- Olson really enjoyed throwing all the leaves 🍂

an hour ago

This bloke is seriously rad and so much cooler than I will ever be. 🇬🇧

2 hours ago

sweet jam. only with you have i stood for hours in parking lots talking about the depth of God's radical love, sobbed during baby dedications, and felt i didn't have to explain myself because you understand my heart with or without words. when i think of you, i think of Mercy. and Mercy always triumphs over judgment. thank you for always picking up where we left off. no matter the parts of the world we end up, i feel secure in knowing your friendship is constant.