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a few minutes ago

When you're not sure what day it is and then you remember you'll be 1 on Sunday. Same girl same 😭

14 minutes ago

Sensory play at the park β˜€οΈ

16 minutes ago

In home sessions... I feel like I wasn't sure about them until my daughter was out of a crib, no longer standing smiling when I walked in, reaching up to get out, ready to snuggle ❀️ Little moments like those are ones I never want to forget. . . . . . #Kristincelestinaphotography #Arizonaphotographer #familyphotos #lifestylephotography #inhomesession #clickinmoms #lookslikefilm #clickinmagazine #lifestylephotographer #lifewellcaptured #livebeautifully #beunraveled #dearphotographer #documentlife #uniteinmotherhood #lifeandlensblog #childrenseemagic #thesugarjar #thesweetlifeunscripted

27 minutes ago

I love fall a little extra hard probably because it usually lands if not on my birthday pretty close to it. First day of 29 for me, and happy first day of fall to y'all πŸ‚! #fallbaby

34 minutes ago

Mamas, nicht vergessen! Gerade, wenn man denkt, man sieht den Wald vor lauter BÀumen nicht...die Tage sind lang, aber die Jahre gehen all zu schnell vorbei mit den Kleinen ! Daran musste ich heute zwischen Schuhbergen, Herbstklamotten-Chaos & Hausaufgaben-Streik denken, als ich dieses Bild im Augenwinkel sah. Mathilda hat ihren Papa portraitiert ❀️Jetzt geht's bei uns zu einem Geburtstag bei guten Freunden! #weekendmode #friyay #unseralltagistihrekindheit #derganznormalewahnsinn #todolist

39 minutes ago

My new favorite thing to photograph Amelia taking selfies. She got a camera for her birthday and she's starting to document what inspires her, which of course I love and encourage. I document her learning about photography because I want to remember in ten years how it felt to watch her take selfies and follow her baby sister around with a camera. I love that she loves it, so I will preserve that moment so we can experience the joy again in the future.