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10 months ago

This look is for all my ladies who DON'T like to wear mascara but like to keep it natural as possible 💁🏾 #soojazzilashes

a year ago

You messed up America! Things Hillary has been working on for the last 30 years: universal health care. Woman's rights. Equal pay. Green energy. Affordable higher education. Helping the working and middle class. Ugh, fake sexist news!

a year ago

New podcast is up! A very special episode I do with my mom. We talk politics, immigration, this current administration, and life in general. This episode is in Spanish so if you habla please check it out! Link in bio friendsrambling.blogspot.com

2 years ago

The Secret Service is frantically searching for an agent's laptop, after it was stolen from inside her parked car in Brooklyn, New York Thursday morning. NYPD sources, who are aiding in the search, told multiple outlets that the missing laptop has 'sensitive' information on it which could compromise national security - including Trump Tower floor plans as well as documents on Hillary Clinton's email scandal and Pope Francis. 'There's data on there that's highly sensitive,' one police source told the New York Daily News. 'They're scrambling like mad.'The laptop was stolen Thursday morning from inside the agent's car, parked in her driveway in the Bath Beach neighborhood. It's unclear whether the car was locked or not. Surveillance footage reportedly shows the thief get out of a car, possibly an Uber, near the home. He is later seen walking away from the scene with a backpack. In addition to the laptop, the thief stole some coins and a black bag with the Secret Service insignia on it - which were later recovered. But there's still no sign of the missing laptop, the agent's access keycard and other 'sensitive' documents. #trump #presidenttrump #fbi #cia #nsa #news #secretsociety #hillaryclinton #emails #hacks #uber #leaks #stolen #popefrancis #catholicchurch #pope #vatican #hillary #clintion