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Keep it simple. . Roasted chicken, baked sweet potato, and chopped kale with raisins. . Some call it fancy, I call it lunch. Make food a priority and your body will FEEL the benefits. . #foodismedicine

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Taking in my last day of being able to get Starbucks regularly. My heart is broken. Happy I graduated my therapy program. Distraught that I must get over my bereavement 😭😔 this is a Trenta Toffee Nut Iced Coffee with cream + no classic + caramel drizzle. Try it! It's lit! #starbucks #itslit #coffeetime #coffeeislife

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Hey Hey UK!! . Less than one month until Beachbody launches in the UK!! I am SO pumped! This is such a great opportunity to help MORE people achieve healthier more fulfilling lives, and I cannot wait to be a part of that journey. with a brand new demographic of determined group ofPEOPLE!! . . I'll be hosting a FREE 7 day clean eating and fitness group for all my new U.K. Friends!! . What you get: 🇬🇧 One week clean eating meal plan and shopping list 🇬🇧 Custom at home workout program (14 days) 🇬🇧 Daily coaching and coach support So let's go U.K. Friends, I'm here to help! Let's give your health and fitness a jump start with an amazing new opportunity to workout from home and get in the BEST shape of your life!!!. . Comment below "🇬🇧" or DM me for more info!!

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What stage are you? 👀

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from @rachaelbackfit ☀️G O O D M O R N I N G ☀️ My favorite smell in the morning 😌☕️ (coffee, not 💩) 😂😂 This maybe cheesy, but my boyfriend makes me a cup of coffee every single morning and brings it to my nightstand bc he knows I love the smell of fresh coffee right when I wake up HOW SWEET I die 😩❤️. While I'm on the topic of coffee I figured I better share some benefits of having a cuppa joe per day ☕️ 🙃 ------------- ☕️ morning pick-me-up ☕️ natural laxative 💩😅 ☕️ increases metabolic rate which could burn more calories ☕️ antioxidant ☕️ enhances workout performance (natural pre workout) ☕️ black coffee = 2 calories so basically none horrayyyy to saving cals. ☕️ mood enhancer --------- ⏰ When is your favorite time to drink coffee!? Morning? Afternoon pick me up? Pre workout? Lemme know below 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 ---- Cheers! 😌✌🏼 Rach ——————————————————— #RachaelBackFit #coffeeislife #myboobsaresquishedsorry #healthieryou #healthandfitness #coach #girlswholift #onlinecoach #nutrition #texas #goalgetter #buildmuscle #burnfat #fitness #LiveStrongerLiveLonger #fitlife #livefit #inspiration #gymmotivation #fitfam #fit #bodyBuilding #physique #gains #love #loveyourself #lifespo #alphalete #gymrat  #instarepost20

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Happy #firstdayoffall! Is anyone else as excited as we are for this season? 🍁 To celebrate we've been sipping on our favorite Pumpkin Pie Cappuccino all morning. (And into the afternoon.... 😬) To make it yourself pour 2 shots of espresso and 2 tbsp of Sonoma Syrup Pumpkin Pie Latte Syrup in a cup and stir. Top with foam and enjoy!

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Nice article on @freshcupmag about some of the chemistry behind coffee's aromatics. There are over 1000 different chemical compounds in coffee that pertain to aroma, this article touches some of the most common!!! Link in profile!!!! . . #geekoutwithyourmugout . . #manmakecoffee #coffeelife #latteart #coffeeart #newyorkfood #coffeeshopsoftheworld #coffeeislife #coffeeshots #caffeine #caffeineaddict #baristalife #baristadaily  #baristagram #rochesterfood #drinkporn #coffeeprops #espressohit #Rochesterny  #newyorkcoffee #foodprops  #coffeegram #coffeeshots

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Today's lunch is Ground Beef & Veggies with a side of Riced Brocolli served cold because the microwave at work is broken! R.I.P. Microwave😢 I could go buy myself some HOT food but that's such a waste! This meal is already included into my weekly meal plan and sure it's meant to be eaten hot 🍲 but I'll put my big girl panties on and eat it as is cuz honestly...there are worse things than eating cold but delicious food! The Universe is tempting me to stray from my goals but not today Satan...not today! 😉💪🏻 What's for lunch today Love?

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Day 12 🔥 . Set Goals Then Demolish Them 👊 . Happy Friday Everyone! Can't believe there's only 8 more days until the MONTH OF LAURA aka my Birthday month! 🤣 . I know I'm a little behind on messages right now but I promise everyone will get a response by this weekend for our October group! . Hope you all have a wonderful TGIF and I can't wait to chat with all the new ladies!🤗

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FREE coffee t-shirt giveaway! If you love coffee shirts, you're going to absolutely love this! 👉 caffeinevibes.com/freeshirt (link in my bio)

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Un cappuccino que sin duda alguna te va a encantar ¡VISITANOS! Tortas, ponqués, galletas y más... Y sin olvidarse de un buen café. Solo 👇👇👇 lo puedes conseguir!😁 también tenemos para Ti Desayunos y Almuerzos Un café hace todo posible! 🍝🍛🍩🍰🍲 De Lunes a Viernes desde las 9:00am hasta las 6:00pm. #coffee #latte #latteart #coffeelovers #barista #baristas #baristalife #Coffeeaddict #Coffeeshop #Coffeelover #Coffeelove #CoffeeIsLife #Coffeebreak #cafe #postres #desayunos #almuerzos #ciudadojeda #zulia #venezuela #uncafeparatodos #dategustocafe @becabcoffee