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Fum Fact: ☕ Studies show that a typical serving of coffee contains more antioxidants than a serving of blueberries, raspberries, grape juice or oranges. ☕

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Come on in! We’re business as usual

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Ate some of EVERYTHING, but didn't go too crazy overboard yesterday.. surprisingly! As I've gotten more in tune with my body over the years, I don't tend to over eat quite as much (but I still on occasion, I'm only human!). Got up like I would on any other Friday and got my lift in early. Now time for coffee! #coffeeislife #coffee #unicornsforlife #divanator #parttimebadass If you DID go overboard in any way, don't beat yourself up! Just move on from here and get back on track NOW. One meal at a time! 👍🦄💪

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All that apple pie had to go somewhere! Post Thanksgiving leg day ✅ done ✅ Glad I took the rest day yesterday, only up .5lbs which I was expecting more but the body is an amazing thing. Put those stored carbs to WORK this AM. Now on to some Christmas decorating, meal planning and errand running with my two loves ❤️

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We know have refurbished @baratza Sette 270W 👉 Built-in @acaiacoffee scale with ultra-fast 20ms response time and a 10th of a gram sensitivity. They have been fully overhauled and tested by our in-house technician 👨‍🔧 Come with 12 months warranty 🤙 Check out the link in bio to learn more! #coffeehituk #nobrainer