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I couldn't get one and not the other! 💜

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One of my favorite things about oils is all of the fun blending! For self care and love this was fantastic during my little chill time with my self! Getting to take a bath and check out for a little while was great! Juniper berry is a great self love and obstacle remover both energetically and for mind set work! And Siberian fir is grounding as well as healing and processing life, experiences, and perspectives. Essential oils are so Multi functioning in the body in every way they are so valuable in this way! It's hard to imagine a time when I didn't use essential oils daily for physical, emotional, energetic support not just for me but the whole family! I love that I have these pure natural therapeutic options right at my fingertips for what ever may pop up! Do you have a favorite self love diffuser combo? If not, why not? Especially with kits being 20% off this month there is not reason not to try it!

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Goldstone ✨ There's something special about this one, it captures me. Goldstone is a pretty awesome creation, it's a manmade stone that was formed when a monk accidentally knocked copper shavings into molten glass. Regardless of how it was made, this stone holds so much energy because of the copper inside. • Available for only $20 on my etsy, shop link is in my bio. 🌝 • - When you decide that you want to achieve something, Goldstone’s energies will work with you to make it happen. It promotes calm thinking in emotionally tense moments . Goldstone works to deflect unwanted and negative energies, acting as an auric shield. Carry this stone with you to attract abundance and strength in weak moments. - An extremely balancing metal, Copper deflects negative energies and cleanses the body of energetic blockages. • •• ••• •• • #goldstone #copper #necklace #colorful #natureporn #me #selfie #love #spiritual #be #talent #wirewrap #wirewrappedjewelry #forsale #etsy #smallbusiness #smallbiz #energyhealing #crystalhealing #crystals #gems #accessories #fashion #style #hippie #boho #goth #art #artist #create

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Want one of these beauties? Check out our Limited Edition Holiday Chakra Balancing Kit! You’ll get one of these with your kit along with soooo many other amazing Chakra Balancing items! The link is in our bio! #awakeninginabox