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Different lighting, same beautiful head of hair!

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Vertically Foiled Balayage ↕️ Balayage slice and babylight slices alternated to create a lived in look 🤤love this @theupbeatpath 💕 I use @uberliss in all of my formulas to repair the hair and maintain shine and condition! Her hair was really dry before then after the whole process looked and felt flawless! Love it

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Courtney back at it again with the fall hair. 🍂🍁

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So this group of ladies were one of the main reasons how I got roped into the beauty and fashion industry. As a young tween I would buy Elle and Vogue and stare and their images. I got into modeling at 13 and landed some pretty good gigs at a young age. I also decided I hated it but would chat with the artists on set and my love affair with fashion and makeup really grew. I went to school for fashion, worked along side some great talents in the industry and in buying rooms. I left for a bit and came back because your true calling never stops calling. But the great original supermodels that made beauty so much more famous were my first inspirations. I salute these icons. #simplygorgeousbyerin

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Love love love when my clients have a natural dark base! 👸🏻 Paint, Gloss ➕ Voila✨

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Another fall makeover to end what felt like makeover week 🍂🍁