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DEBATE 288 The question is... who are the top 10 2B going into 2018? MY OPINION At #1 we have the MVP Jose Altuve. What isn’t to love about Altuve? He hits for power, average, and contact. He also steals bases and plays a good second base. Altuve is not just the best 2B, but one of the best players in baseball. Next is Dozier. He had another solid season last year. He’s a good defender and had lots of power for the second base position, slugging 34 dingers. He gets on base at a high clip and stole 16 bases. Dozier has the best combo of defence and power in comparison to everybody else. Then we’ve got Robby Cano. Robby did regress a bit from his stellar 2016 campaign, but it was still very good none the less. His combo of contact and defence propel him over #4. And #4 is Daniel Murphy. Murphy is a one dimensional player. Murphy is the second best hitting second baseman, only behind Altuve. He hit .322 and got on base at a ridicules .384 clip. With his 23 home runs, Murphy put together an outrageous .928 OPS in 2017. Expect him to continue his offensive prowess in 2018. At #5 was breakout player Jonathan Schoop. Schoop was incredible, hitting 32 home runs and hitting .293. If he can improve his discipline, he can be one of the best players in baseball. Next is Ian. He’s starting to decline, but even so he’s still very good. He plays gold glove defence and still possesses good power. After him is LeMahieu. He’s now hit over .300 for three years straight and plays good defence. Coores effect or not, that’s impressive. Following DJ is Pedey. Pedey put up a solid season, but is getting older and injury prone. He will be out for the start of 2018, so that hurts his spot on the list. Merrifield, #9, broke out in what was a terrible year for the royals. He stole 34 bases, hit .290 and almost hit 20 home runs. Very impressive. Last is Baez. He’s on here because of his defence. And I also think his offence will improve in 2018. Here is my opinion... what is yours? Answer in the comments. Remember to let your opinion be heard! #detroit #tigers #detroittigers #motorcity #mlb #baseball #Michigan #debate #gotigers #tigersbaseball #sports #sportsnews #breakingnews

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Happy 70th Krup

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First Edit! I like this so much it’s my first post, and @jacobyjones23’s first homer too. I was at that game too! Go Tigers!

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DENNY McLAIN “At The Organ” I used to big a huge baseball fan...when games were about 1:30-1:45 minutes. But the greedy owners lost me forever when games got to be over 3:00 hours long nearly every time. Boring & slow...ugh! But not like this album from Major League Baseball’s last 30 game winner, Denny McLain. He really cuts it up on this album, put out by Capitol Records...same label as The Beatles in the States. Capitol Records knew talent when they heard it, or saw it win 30 games in one season. I wished I worked in the A&R department at Capitol! #dennymclain #detroittigers #30gamewinner #organplayer #baseballplayer #pitcher #springtraining #tigerstadium #rip #vinylcommunity #vinylcollection #recordcollection #albumcollection #myalbumcollection #myvinyl #capitolrecords #aandrdepartment #coverphoto #drinker #smoker

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The Tigers might sign Chris Tillman! Tillman has narrowed it down to three teams and is going to sign within the next 2 days (via Jon Heyman) - - follow my alternate account @matt_boyd_fanpage48 . #detroit #tigers #detroittigers #detroitvseverybody #detroitmi #mi #michigan #detroitlions #lions #redwings #detroitredwings #pistons #detroitpistons #goblue #statesucks #baseball #mlb #question #football #nfl #nba #basketball #nhl #hockey #ncaa #ncaab #ncaafootball #baltimore #orioles

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So I made this collage out of the #SI 1984 World Series issue when I was 18. I recently found it in a broken frame and replaced. At 51 y/o I still love it. I hope I live long enough to make another one. #detroittigers

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Hall was drafted out of Missouri State in the sixth round of the 2015 Draft. In his first full season of pro ball, Matt led the Tigers minor league system in ERA, strikeouts, and batting average against him. Last year, he continued his success, moving from Lakeland to Erie and holding a 2.60 ERA overall. Hall brings a fastball that rarely touches 90 mph, an average changeup, and his best pitch, his curveball. He is able to spin his curve and alternate it's speed, which makes his fastball a better pitch. With his interesting pitch mixes, Hall will be an effective lefty of the future. #tigers #detroit #detroittigers #detroittigerslovers #detroittigersfans #gotigers #detroitbaseball #detroitsports #motorcity #michigan #mlb #comericapark #2018

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DEBATE 287 Here’s the top 10 catchers list going into 2018! MY OPINION Obviously #1 is Posey. I think we can all agree on that. At #2 is Yadi. He’s not quite what he used to be, but he’s still a serviceable hitter and the best game caller in baseball. Next is El Cheapo. He’s a great hitter, but needs to work on his defence and especially his blocking. Catcher is a defensive position, so I can’t put him any higher till that improves. Then there is Contreras. He hasn’t played enough to break the top 3, but he’s been very good so far. He’s a better defender than Gary, and is coming along with his hitting. Once he stays healthy for a full year, I see him being a top 2 catcher. After Contreras I put Salvy. He had another solid year last year, and his game calling is still top notch. This will be an interesting season for him now being the last player left on the dynasty royals. Following Perez I listed Realmuto. He’s in the same spot as Perez, but may be traded. He’s a rare 5-tool caliber catcher, and I may have rated him a little low. I expect him to continue to get better in his age 27 season. Moving on to the #7 spot, there’s Castillo. He had a very good offensive season last year, and his defence improved along with it. He’s very underrated and could help his new, also underrated team to contention next year. Next is defensive darling Yasmani Grandal. He’s a solid player and would be ranked higher if he was going to be the starting catcher going into next year... but he’s not. At #9 is Lucroy. He’s coming off a down year, but his stats before last year can’t just be ignored, so he still makes the list. Hopefully he can prove last year was a fluke and do well with whatever team he signs with in 2018. Last Barnhart. He’s not the best hitter in the world, but he won a gold glove last year and was at least serviceable with the bat. Better than AL gold Glover Maldonado. People that just missed include Chrinos, McCann, Maldanado, Zunino, Flowers, Suzuki, and McCann. Here is my opinion... what is yours? Answer in the comments. Remember to let your opinion be heard! #detroit #tigers #detroittigers #motorcity #mlb #baseball #Michigan #debate #gotigers #tigersbaseball #⚾️

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My 1909 M101-2 Sporting News Supplement team photo of the Detroit Tigers. This team, which contained three future Hall of Famers in Ty Cobb, Sam Crawford, and Hughie Jennings, was appearing in their third consecutive World Series in 1909. Unfortunately, they would lose all three and 1909 would be the last World Series appearance for Cobb who would remain active until 1928. #tycobb #samcrawford #wahoosamcrawford #hughiejennings #detroit #detroittigers #tigers #worldseries #1909worldseries #mlb #baseball #vintagebaseball #baseballhistory #sportingnews #sporingnewssupplement #cooperstown #nationalbaseballhalloffame

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We want to wish all of our ❎Plosive Professional, Collegiate & high school ⚾️ players good luck this spring 💪 We had a great off-season with you guys and look forward to seeing you perform this year👏