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23 minutes ago

Have I mentioned before that I’m in love with this human?? 😜 Thanks @powel24 for throwing me the most epic birthday celebration! 30 could not feel any better! Shout out to all that came out tonight! I feel so loved and thankful for the wonderful friendships I have! #dirty30 #saditsover #myfriendsaremyworld #epichusband

24 minutes ago

This was the best 30th bday of my life 😂 All joking aside, I could not have spent my bday in a better place surrounded by people who I truly appreciate and adore. Rosarito stole my heart with the massages, free tequila from a mysterious stranger, beachside drinks, late night horsebacking riding, endless laughter, lobster, and other inside jokes (David, one eye patch, the dinglehopper fork I stole, burros/donkey, Macintosh, the list goes on) Thank you for the memories! I will be back Baja California 💕 #mexico #rosarito #papasandbeer #birthday #birthdaygirl #30thbirthday #dirty30 #memories #unforgettable #girlfriends #whathappensinmexico #food #life #living #funny #happy #blessed

25 minutes ago

Happy birthday to my sister/cousin we’ve been at since birth getting whoppings for each other welcome to another milestone and many more to come. I love you with all my heart and more welcome to #dirty30 looks good on you

49 minutes ago

Sassy. Strong. Level-headed. Always improving. Always adventuring. She enriches the lives of those she meets and twerks that ass like you wouldn’t believe. Happy birthday, Wanda. You’re the tits. #bestroommate #dirty30

54 minutes ago

Here’s a little look inside the e30 M3! Definitely love the Momo steering wheel. It’s a bit smaller than the stock steering wheel and it feels great in your hands!

56 minutes ago

Damn, all that hard work and dedication ... i feel real extra ! Yaass!! Thank you soo much FAM! #dirty30

an hour ago

Well here it is... this hoe turns 30!!! Welcome to the club 🤣. For the most part y’all know who this guy is. Never had a sibling but he’s pretty much been THAT brother I never had. Happy Birthday to @hiimgio88. Through thick and thin this guy has been there for me. Couldn’t have asked for a better best friend, brother, and one ratchet ass mothafucker!!!! Eres perrrrrooo cabron. Love you! Here’s to 10+ years of friendship and many more hoe. Let the TU begin... and what better place than of course in our natural habitat #VEGAS hahahaha. #hbd #BFF #tutututu #bffmoments #dirty30 #timetochangethediaper #lolz #estaslit #stpattysbday #yolo #lastpicyoungratchets

3 hours ago

If they're tryna party w/the Birthday Queen 👑 They gon' have to sign a non-disclosure!!! #StephsDirty30