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2 hours ago

Topical: 5 Socially offensive: 4 Puntastic: 6 Popularity quotient: 6 Dark humour: 1 Total Dankness: 22/50 Verdict: puns so fire, they contribute to global warming

2 hours ago

Nose boops are the best 😊❤️❤️ ~ Follow @luvalldoggos for more posts daily 🐶💕

4 hours ago

So you think you can pull off the sunglasses look? 😎🤓 THINK AGAIN HOOMAN! Meet @everythingatlas. He has A LOT of sunnies and he wears every one of them with such grace and poise, it leaves us in awe of his beauty✨✨.Also he’s pretty goofy so that’s cool too. 👌😎💯

7 hours ago

i love dogs so much🐶💓💓

8 hours ago

Me when mum storms into my room in the morning 😩😩 ~ Follow @luvalldoggos for more posts daily 🐶💕

a day ago

Swipe to see the handsome doggo ➡️➡️💯👌♥️✨

4 days ago

When you only know one person at the party 🎉 so you cling on to them for the rest of the evening (quite literally) 😂😅