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Oh wow Milena!! A new post!! I haven't done 10 facts about me in a while so why not?? ;3 1. My favorite animes are Yu-Gi-Oh!, Love Live!!, Nagi no Asukara and Inuyasha 2. I'm sentimental lvl. EXTREME!! I cry a lot, I get stressed easily and I'm usually complaining about everything, but most part of the time I'm smiling and laughing (as the same time as I complain A LOT, I defend things and ppl even if they don't deserve, and I'm also saying that the day is berryful when it's not what lol) 3. I take a course for graphic animation/graphic design in a school called "saga" 4. Some friends think I'm thought and stuff, but tbh, I'm a chick 😂 5. I LOVE SPICY FOOD LVL EXTREME. And tbh, I'm not rly a big fan of berries 6. My fav color is purple ofc☂️ 7. My other hobbies include researching, TALKING, creating things, writing and telling jokes and puns 8. I daydream a lot!! I sometimes start complaining about random stuff in the middle of nowhere, especially when I'm tired and I'm talking to someone, I can say like "(...) BLEH but this is how life goes that idiot I hate her" AND IDEK WHO IM TALKING ABOUT WHAT 9. Things I say a lot: BERRYSOME!!, DEVASTATING, it's time to duel, Ladies & gents, BLEH, it's joke, *smth in English* -yuno, MIRAI ZURA (hue), MARVELOUS, MWAHUAHUAHUAHUA (yes, malefic laughter lol), and the pose on the drawing is a daily needed for me (my friend said that it's my version of the "Nico Nico Nii" thing lol) 10. I look like a mom taking care of my friends lol like not as an adult, bc I'm berry childish, but bc I worry a whole lot about my friends, and I'm jealous I guess lol [EXTRA: 11. I LOVE FANARTS, DID CHU DRAW SMTH FOR MEH?? TAG ME AND MAYBE USE BERRYSOME #] Other common info are in my bio :3 Questions? Feel free to ask!! #art #drawing #digitalart #medibangpaint #berryartt #digitaldrawing #meettheartist #anime