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The Dragon poem/story • It all changing and reshaping on this Earth right now (aka transformation). In other words, the Dragon is here - so its time to let her words out. 🐲 • I wrote it last winter in Sweden when I felt this energy emerging globally. I hope it doesnt scare anyone, the aim is to let this energy/archetype speak its medicine for the transformation that is happening right now (inside people as without) - helping us see it all from a higher perspective/purpose. We are evolving ❤️ (whole piece can be seen on youtube, link in bio) • • #spokenword #archetype #dragon #transformation #phoenix #storytelling #earth #troubadour #consciousness

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Notice how the Earth's colors coexist 。 9/22/17

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Two Pendants we fixed up for a good friend of ours ! New items coming to the shop soon ! 🌸✨