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a few minutes ago

the happiest place on earth 🎡🎢🎠🏰⛲️ tag Ethan? no? okay I’ll leave. ^ Shane Dawson stans wya? haha but I’m gonna watch wonder and I’m so hyped because I’ve always wanted to since the trailer and because Julia Roberts works in it and she’s Emma Roberts aunt and Emma’s my fav so yeah lmao, ik I’m weird also right pic is grp sign, sigh let’s hope I get in haha #ethandolan #graysondolan #dolantwins #esthétiquegrprct

a few minutes ago

Sooo I changed my acc to multifandom account...I still absolutely love the twins, and I fall more and more in love with them everyday buuuut I wanted a multifandom acc bc I changed my old one to a Jack G acc, so now I just decided to change this one because I was never active and yeah, now I feel like I'm ranting. But I don't know if I'll really like my theme idea, but we'll see. Enjoy! And I love youuuu X - #jackgilinsky #jackjohnson #jackandjack shawnmendes #graysondolan #ethandolan #dolantwins #selenagomez #madisonbeer #jacobwhitesides #niallhoran #harrystyles #v #rm #bts #meljoy #emmachamberlain #blackbear

a few minutes ago

Ethan is so precious❤️

11 minutes ago

Fashion killaa 🔥 Wow Dt: everyone who wanted a dt 💘 Ac: citrcs Ib: ^ - #graysondolan

11 minutes ago

If you can guess which twin that is ill give you a shoutout in my next post! This is a masterpiece on animaljam. Buddy me my username is Gummychetoos💜 #graysondolan #ethandolan #4ou

13 minutes ago

Please don't steal it doesn't have a watermark cause it sucks😩

15 minutes ago

4ou2??? 😂😂

18 minutes ago

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this dork being all cute and shit♥️♥️♥️ . . From the looks of it they look they’re moving to wherever they’re going with all the boxes not going on a trip😂 (swipe ->)

19 minutes ago

I need new people to text so someone slideee into my Dms😊 p.s- lets just take a second to look at this cutie😘😘 #dolantwins #ethandolan