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Aw these thanksgiving paragraphs im seeing gone make me cry *readjusts bonnet* PART 1 @l.oadingthefestivities~ one of my fantastic 4 sisters. MRS. ALSINA BITCH. EEEEOONNNNN! YO I LOVE UR FUNNY NICE WILD DISRESPECTFUL ASS. Im mad grateful to have you in my life because you're always here for me and just all the ppl you close wit. Aint no fake shit round here. Thank you for being the wonderful person you are💕 and dont let them bum ass hoes at school tear you down they got nothing better to do with their lives so they do that shit and they probably look like a busted can of bisucits so dont even pay attention to them @tata.the.turkey~ THE JAWNNNN WASPOPPIINNNN. YAKWTFGOO. Hoe ily bruh im glad your byke cuz i was gone fight you if u didnt come back soon cuz hoes was missing you. Me and you gone find out what #asamaamf is imma keep trying😭 but ily keep doing you, we needa have a f4 skype call one day cuz those were i c o n i c and ya ass better stay 💀😈💙 @chocolatetranada~ BAD BIH Z! I swear i be wanting to fight your ass sometimes but i swear i love you💀 Mrs. Snatch ya edges. CANCEL IT. Try not to choke on ya throat today. Keep snatching our edges and droppin hints for p- AJMSKKSSKSK Fentyways love you💓 @kendal.nicolee~ ken to the mother trucking dal. I.love.you.so.damn.much.best.friend. your always here for me and your one funny ass hoe. Your like funny and sweet but a asshole at times. Just like serena disrespectful ass. Imma fight both of yall im sick of the foolishness acts 🗿 i hope everything if your life going smoothly rn and if its not something good is gonna happen i swear.Shitttt that goes for the rest of yall too.We been rocking with each other for long its crazy how close we are. Love you💞 There is a part two im finna make it. I love every single one of yall thanks for being here for me and making me laugh And stop say yall ugly yall some bad ass bitches bye

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#ThrowbackThursday Fan Meeting Jerry Yan di Osaka, Jepang 10.07.2017 lalu 🖤 --- #ThrowbackThursday Jerry Yan's Fan Meeting in Osaka Japan last 10.07.2017 🖤 • Vid credit: as tagged Source: weibo --- Semoga Jerry Yan bisa bisa ngadain konser/Fan Meeting lagi di Indonesia.. 🙏 • • #jerryyan #jerryyanindonesia #yanchengxu #言承旭 #jerryyanindo #jerryyanfever #meteorgarden #jerryyanchengxu #liuxingyu #jerryyanaddict #jerryyanlover #f4forever #F4Ever #liuxingyi #meteorgarden #JVKV #言承旭jerry #DaoMingSi #JapanFM2017 #JapanFanMeeting2017 #JerryYanJapanFanMeeting2017

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Udah lama yaa ga posting couple kocak ini 😂😂 #FangTang Kalo dilamar kayak gini sama Mas Jerry apa rasanya yaaah? 😂😂 Jadi pengen di lamar juga sama Mas Jerry 🖤😝😂 • • • #jerryyan #jerryyanindonesia #yanchengxu #言承旭 #jerryyanindo #jerryyanforlife #jerryyanfever #f4 #jerryyanchengxu #jerryyanaddict #jerryyanlover #mybestexboyfriend #f4forever #menolakmoveon #F4Ever #f4 #cantloseyou #JVKV #言承旭jerry #LiTang #MyBestExBoyfriend #FangTang #FuFangsi