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A little game called NOPE. Real clothes, #nope. St. Pat’s Parade, #nope. Every single need expressed from my offsprings on a Saturday morning before I have an entire pot of coffee running through my veins, #nope. Are the kin picking up on the previously noted message, #nope. Do I know what a bitcoin is, #nope. Will my bitch-bastard-trick leg/ back/buttocks ever let me run, or freely release into wheel pose ever again, #nope. Is my indestructible optimism alive and well, #nope. Does this count as a selfie, #nope. Will I get asked to the prom, #nope. Will I ever be able to enter a Target store without instantly getting amnesia or having a panic attack before forgetting the dish soap and buying a graphic tee because it’s sooo soft, #nope. Did I also buy the yup tee, #nope. Does this say something much bigger about my overall psyche #nope. Should I knit tiny sweaters for the recently hatched cardinals outside my window that have snowcaps on their heads, #nope. But if I could knit would I even do that, YUP! Game Over! See how it works folks, just run through your nopes- no matter how how many. Run through all your nopes until you get to a YUP, and just like that you win! #gameofnope #fashion #selfacceptance #philosophy #bytarget #tinybirdsweatersforthewin #yupwins

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eating vegan?

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👌😙НОВЫЙ ФЛЭШМОБ ОТ МИШУТКИ!!! И это вам не шутки😏👆 Для тех, кто не в куГрсе, УСЛОВИЯ ПРЯМО В ВИДЕЕЕО!!!! Смотрите и не про # #ите!! [как с растопыркой Онуфрия]😒 ДА ПРИБУДЕТ С ВАМИ УДАЧА!🍀😊 | Ставь 💜, если соскучился(-ась) за вечерними ФМ) | @mi_lermontov - #мишасмехотерапевт #породистыйпародист #брэндинстаграма #самыйлучшийблогер #ямишаиятворюдобро #харьковскийбренд #прямойэфир от 14.03.2018

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count your blessings not your problems