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2 days ago

Siento que te desprendes de mi cuerpo y seguirás en el intento de volverlo a encontrar 🔮🌠. #cdmx #streetart #feck

2 days ago

Found this old moleskin unpacking and I've just been flicking through it for ages! It's a little moleskin sketchbook I used to carry around and get people to draw in. Usually while drunk. 😂 so much more interesting then going through one of my own old sketch books. There's a lot of references to being drunk and Harry Potter but there's also some quality doodles in here too! #tbt *I'll tag some of the goldies in my stories*

2 days ago

Yup this apron is back in stock 😂

3 days ago

Thinking a lot about my amazing Grandma today and wishing I could see her again and tell her how much of a funny caring and loving person she was. Miss and love u always Grandma 🍀💔 #feck