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In the immortal words of Sister Sledge.... Halston, Gucci, FIORUCCI! Great to see this design is still being used! Loved the sweatshirt ! #fiorucci #london #fasion

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La alegría que sientes cuando logras combinar el look que la rompe 🙂 #Fiorucci #Look

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If there's one store from my youth that STILL stands out the most in my nostalgic brain, it's gotta be #Fiorucci in #BeverlyHills. It was OUTRAGEOUS even by today's standards. I still dream about it because it was SO AHEAD OF IT'S TIME during the late 70s and early 80s. The window displays were full of spandex, animal prints, Hawaii style shirts, leotards, checkered ties, and punk rock fashions - all imported from Italy. It was more rock-n-roll than MTV. A friends mother owned it at the time, so no wonder she wore the most bitchin' clothes in school. Debra Harry attended the opening and some of us watched the shopping sequence in XANADU being filmed from across the street. Fiorucci occupied the old Beverly Theatre on Beverly Drive built in 1925. That explains the original Arabian architecture and art nouveau nuances throughout the store. They projected movies on the wall in honor of old Hollywood and that's where I watched THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT and METROPOLIS for the first time. I used to roller skate with a side ponytail to Fiorcci after school to purchase pop-rocks and white chocolate lollypops in the shape of giant lips at the counter. I remember purchasing a lipstick in the shape of a rocket with a side compact of day glow glitter eye shadow. It was my fantasyland. Sadly Fiorucci was short lived and became a bank. The structure was eventually demolished to make way for the Montage Hotel. Although I hear Fiorucci is coming back! Make sure to swipe left for more photos. You'll see a promotional window display for Blondie's PARALLEL LINES. When they did the in store record autograph session Blondie rolled up Beverly Drive in an Army tank. Ellio Fiorucci definitely changed fashion merchandising and retailing forever. Andy Warhol even held his launch party for Interview Magazine at Fiorucci. Some of you might have shopped at the NYC location too. Doesn't this post make you want to sing the lyrics to "He's The Greatest Dancer" by Chic 1978? 🕶 👄 👗👚👔 👖💄💋🌈 🏖 More on my blog at alisonmartino.com #VintageLosAngeles #VintageFiorucci #VintageBeverlyHills @fiorucci

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Saturday... Mid sentence No words. 💋

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¿Sabías que en American Brands puedes encontrar todas estas marcas? #Bronco, #Fiorucci, #1921byMcGregor y #Foster. Pasa la voz, sigue estas instrucciones y participa del sorteo de 1 vale de S/ 200.00 para compras en la tienda.😎 - Dale "Me gusta" a la foto. - Comenta la foto con el #AmericanBrands y el # de la marca que más te gusta. - Etiqueta a dos personas. *También puedes participar en nuestro Facebook InOutlet Perú, tendremos un ganador en Instagram y otro en Facebook. Fecha del sorteo: 23 de febrero.

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Year of the Dog meets best new promotion of the 2018! Bring your cute pooch to Fiorucci in Soho this weekend and anytime next week and post a picture (of your dog) from the store. We will very subjectively decide whose is the cutest pup and give a striped Tee as pictured here to the owner and a Fiorucci bandana neckerchief to the dog! All breeds welcome. It’s Crufts for fashion to celebrate Chinese New Year! Hashtag #Fiorucci in your pics. Big love to all dogs 🐕 🐶 ♥️ #tag #friend #in #the #comments #below

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First day without cloud or rain and these Fiorucci sliders start looking like summer already. Can’t wait! Don’t wait. Online and in store now. #Fiorucci #Slide #Into #Summer

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Im lovin angels instead 👼💙 (it’s not #fiorucci btw)

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