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2do. ✌🏽 desayuno Dominguero, se preguntarán; qué es ese “jenjumbre” verde-amarillento❓ Bueno, @residente dice que si mojan el ARROZ 🍚 con un poco de AGUACATE 🥑 uno “cosecha” nalgas de 14 kilates 🍑 entonces yo ando experimentando 😆🤣 (me encanta el sabor del arroz con el aguacate, por eso lo mezclo la verdad... y quien sabe si calle13 tenga razón🤪) de proteína🔜 lomo de atún, lo hice con ajo,pimienta y un toque de oliva;no le añadí sal al pescado 🐟 #enjoy #likeforfollow #instagood #like4follow #likesforlikes #likeforlike #summer #food #foodie #foodporn #foodlover #foodstagram #foodpics #fitness #fitmom #fitfood #fitmotivation #fitnessmotivation #like4like #fitnessaddict #amazing #healthyfood #healthy #healthylifestyle #live #life #l4l #goodnight #yummy #flowers

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Hoping will not get you to your fitness goals. You must take that hoping and put it into action to propel you forward to achieving your goals. #fastfitofficial

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Training in the gym is essential to development. Having a good training partner in my opinion is extremely important to maximizing your potential. @physicsys47 was mine for years before moving and we accomplished a lot. My current one is @wendyhenninger and she keeps pushing even when we are both tired. Bottom Line- Train with someone who pushes you to be your best and you will go far! #trainingtogether

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If you guys haven't tried this @divine.waist body shapers yet than you definitely need to give one of this baby's a try! Only at Divinewaist.com

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What do you do each day to ensure optimal health, to prevent sickness & disease and to feel good?✨ I take 6 capsules every day which flood my skin with nutrients and help me GLOW☀️My sleep, digestion & energy has also all improved and I've never felt better☺️ my immune system is also kicking ass daily, haven't been ill since!💥 We all struggle to get the recommended serving size of 5-13 portions of fruit/vegetables a day and that's not even enough to allow our body to strive and to work at an optimal level. Also not all of us are lucky enough to get to grow our own fresh, organic produce and with that, by the time the produce gets to us in supermarkets, sprayed with pesticides to make them last longer, frozen & susceptible to other bacteria and nasties...THIS is the reason I start my morning with my wholefood capsules. They are picked at their peak of ripeness straight from the farm, juiced and then dehydrated at a low temperature to keep all the enzymes intact, then incapsulated into a vegan capsule to keep all the nutrient value intact. They are not a replacement for food, but rather something to bridge the gap between what we’re eating & what we SHOULD be eating👊🏽 Ask yourself how you spend your money and what your priorities are and if £2.95 a day is too expensive to invest in your health...😕 your health is your wealth, we spend more on sick care than healthcare? It's like everyone's forgotten about preventative measures... If I can help one person out there make a positive change to their life my job here is done🙌🏽 Drop me a message and we can talk health goals✨

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Дорогие девочки 🌹🌞🌹 немного полезной информации для вас и ответов на популярные вопросы: 💐Как выбрать размер?👚 Под каждым фото мы всегда для вас пишем параметры для каждого размера, вам остаётся лишь замерить себя) 💐Сколько стоит одежда? 💰Цена так же всегда указана под фото, нужно лишь пролистать вниз) 💐Как происходит оплата? 💳Как вам удобно, либо наложенным платежом, либо предоплата на карту) 💐Отправляем новой почтой во все города Украины 💐Если товара нет в наличии, его так же можно заказать, но придётся подождать 2-4 недели) 💐для заказа пишите в директ 😉 #gymwarsukraine #gymwars #exocore #exocoreukraine #distinction_uniform #d_uni #bodybuilder #bestbodyever #twerk #bodybuilding #likeforlike #personaltrainer #followme #workout #abs #sport #fitness #fit #swag #fitmotivation #motivation  #fitmodel #фитнес #muscle #fitness #fitnessbikini #bikini  #gym #зож