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a few minutes ago

Example: of my life! I cleaned the tv with “streak free” tv/electronics wipes.... I’m to the point, I have to laugh!😂 otherwise, the tv and wipes would be thrown out the front door! 😡 Guess, I need to rethink my way of living! 😇 Yes, I have my Daddy’s temper and proud of it! Btw, I don’t recommend these! #fml #yougottalaugh

a few minutes ago

Damn you... *punches sickness* Now my mom is home, away from watching my younger sibling's competition and you're keeping me away from watching anime!!! Welp, there goes ny posting spree......... Art credit to owner #sick #fml #ineedsleep

19 minutes ago

Wouldn’t even wish this hell on my exes tbh lol.. 🤢 ——— [Like. Follow. Play. @TheNiceCast]

26 minutes ago

a mystery