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2 months ago

We journeyed onwards and bumped into a familiar face @fok_alles at the local corner shop #BurnsCafe had quite a lengthy conversation about the inflation and the price of a loose entjie these days #FokIt #FokAlles

3 months ago

Happy Monday! πŸ˜€ I will be doing a limited run of handstyle logo tees available for the rest of January 2018 only. The t-shirts will be sold at R350 each and are all hand printed by myself. . . if you are interested, please DM me with your size and email address and you will receive further information about how to purchase them. Fok Yeah! 🀘 . . (gadgets and things sold separately)

4 months ago

with the new year comes new opportunities and more growth. I’ve officially opened things up for commissions and projects and collaborations. I’m keen to trade artworks and do lots more dope shit! DM me or send a mail to fokalles1 @gmail.com with ideas or projects. Let’s do dope shit! #fok #fokalles #illustration #graphics #murals #capetown

5 months ago

the past year was as fast as it was slow, as busy as it was quiet and as kak as it was great. I hope to learn and grow as much as I fuck up, and I hope to keep pushing past my own doubts and fears. to take as much inspiration from the world, and feed it back through whatever medium available. #capetown #fok #fokalles

11 months ago

a lalalala long

11 months ago

AHOY! We've had so many people asking for @maakboards T-shirts after the campaign closed that we're going to do one FINAL print run.I would love ALL THE HOMIES to be cruising around in these beautiful T's so if you're interested, send me a message, We're keeping it pretty simple. R250 a t-shirt.White only. Women's sizes seem to be smaller than normal so scale up( ie: if you're a medium, get a large) Please specify whether you would like the design of 1. @itsnicholewithanh 2. @fok_alles 3. @mikeshermancreative Once we've confirmed the order, I will send bank details and Tshirts will be available for collection at the Bijou in Observatory, unless otherwise specified. Okloveyoubye #tshirt #whitetshirt #design #surfapparel #surferstyle #surfstyle #itsnicholewithanh #fokalles #mohassan #mikesherman #blackandwhite #localislekker #vibes #watmaakjy #jollingwiththetjommas

11 months ago

can you even play pool underwater?