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@maakboards : what a journey it has been through Crowdfunding and some incredible breakthroughs. I couldn't be more stoked to have created this passion project/ love child alongside some of the greatest people around, We showcased the first Elements Collection at @keepitsimplesurf this last @firstthursdays_za and what a success it was. 5 beautiful hand-painted boards beautifully shaped by Trev Minny and painted by @Fok alles @rudolf_liebenberg @mikeshermancreative @robyn_pretorius and Alastair Ian Campbell were on display. These boards are no available at the @knextgallery at the Watershed in the @vandawaterfront . Go check them out! @fok_alles @mikeshermancreative and I got stuck into a live painting and the feedback has been incredible. So many thank you's to @jas_things and @tr1ck5t3r for making this clip that captures the vibe boards and artwork so well and to Alexander Inggs (www.pisces-sound.com) for the great sounds. #watmaakjy #surfboards #surf #rooxart #rudolphliebenberg #fokalles #surfboard #surfboardart #keepitsimplesurf #floki #mikesherman #surfstore #capetown #locallymade #local #localislekker #surflifestyle

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Doing some Live Drawing at @archivesa in Green Market Square on 1 September 2017 for the second edition of Recline; an event aimed at slowing down the pace of the hustle and allow a chilled space for creative conversation and hanging out. . . There will be good music from @dylanmarviin & @edweiss_za as well as artworks on display by @huiskind_studio. . . Come and hang out!