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Mazel Tov. מזל טובֿ is originally a Yiddish expression, even though the words are derived from Hebrew. It was later incorporated into modern Hebrew usage. It is used as an expression of congratulations for positive, life-affirming events. ‘Mazel’ itself can be translated as ‘a drop from Heaven’. The esoteric explanation is that our soul essence is not entirely in our physical bodies, but rather resides on a higher dimensional plane. The etymological meaning of the word is that during particularly positive life-affirming events, our frequency is raised and we are better able to remember our Divine origins. Therefore, symbolically a drop falls from Heaven, like a drop of nectar; our Divine essence adding to the, in comparison, empty vessel of our body. Over time, the meaning of the word transmuted from meaning destiny to luck. Nowadays, the original meaning is obscured, though it doesn’t lessen its validity, as a celebratory remark. Tomorrow’s post will focus on the specific use of ‘Mazel’ in Viennese German and proposes a similar use of the word in the English language. ‘Tov’, the second component of the phrase, can be translated as ‘good’. Therefore, the modern translation is most commonly ‘good luck’, but said at conclusion of a matter, rather than wishing someone ‘good luck’ as such. The Hebrew spelling of the Yiddish in this and subsequent posts, will be based on ‘Modern English-Yiddish Yiddish-English Dictionary’ by Uriel Weinreich (1977). Next post: ‪Thursday 18:00‬ New York. ‪23:00‬ London. 10:00+1 Melbourne.

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