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จะมีสักกี่ครั้ง? ที่หัวใจไม่ได้อยู่ตามลำพัง... #friendship

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This girl is a friend, a mentor and a light in my life. She shares her skills and her work with me, regularly lifting as she climbs (the sign of a truly empowered woman) and has helped me to grow and learn so much in such a short amount of time. Also I took this cute photo of her in her cute pants today. Happy wedding 1/(at least)10 in 2018 boo boo. Luh ya @billi_cate ♥️♥️ | #friendship #women #girlfriends #mentor #photography #nashvillephotographer #pants

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first day

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Hoje é o dia dela Thathyellen Pereira Goes Vittar, a melhor das melhores. Presente que o HUPE me deu, amo demais. Exemplo de pessoa, profissional e amiga. Desejo no dia de hoje tudo de melhor em sua vida!!! 🎂🍾🥂🍰 #friends #friendship #hupe #tudonosso #deulapa