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a few minutes ago

Non siamo fatti per stare soli ma neanche per stare con chiunque. 🌙

a few minutes ago

I don't always make the right decision, but when I think I do, my face does this ✨

a few minutes ago

S'mores waffles 😋😋

12 minutes ago

Well said

19 minutes ago

Do what makes you feel free🌸🌸

34 minutes ago

Every minute i spend with you causes my heart to swell with happiness🌹. The more i look at you , the more i fall for you baby❤ Each of our laughs and each of our tears bring us closer and makes us mor inseparable💝 I am so thankful to live such an imperfect but magical love life with you💋💐 @fardeen_fh_2811

35 minutes ago

«Una bella scarpa può cambiarti la vita» ✨👠 #cinderella

35 minutes ago