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a day ago

Join us on our women’s ride to Willunga on Saturday, for a fabulous morning cruising the Adelaide Hills followed but a delicious lunch in Willunga. Details on the Fondo Cycling Facebook page.

a week ago

If a blonde and a brunette went for a ride together who would finish first? The blonde because the brunette would be memorised by the blonde's sexy glutes. #returnofthekiwi

a week ago

I had the privilege last night of hanging out at the Rapha Melbourne HQ with a bunch of passionate and inspiring women to discuss increasing women’s participation in cycling. 🚴🏻‍♀️🚴🏻‍♀️🚴🏻‍♀️ This is such an exciting time for women’s cycling, and it was amazing to see women from all across the sport uniting around a shared goal. 🥇🥈🥉 Big thanks to @rexie83 and @veeds1 for organizing and hosting . 🍕🍻🍷 -If you are a woman who hasn’t raced, but has thought about it (even a tiny bit), please let me know why you haven’t raced already, and what it would take to get you to come along and watch, or give racing a go. Your feedback will result in real change in women’s cycling - and who doesn’t want to be part of that! ❤️❤️❤️-

2 weeks ago

I'm now planning my first ride for TdU... Who's in for a local's loop on the first Monday? I'll post it up on GirlRideADL's Strava page. Keep an eye out.

3 weeks ago

These ladies were relentless jerks this morning and I love them for it. These Friday rides 💕

a month ago

Ahh the Belgie. I’ve never been so happy to be chewed up and spat out in an entirely different country💕📸 @pantone_gt

a month ago

Årets sidste dag, årets sidste træning, årets sidste runder ved Bregnerød. Godt nytår derude 🔜🍾🍺🥂

a month ago

Want to test your power, fitness and technical abilities? Ride a trail the wrong way and leave your ego at home 💃🏻 📸 @melissaanset

2 months ago

เตรียมพร้อม แล้วนอนๆๆ ได้ .. งานนี้ มีติดชิป !! หึ้มมม... วัดใจกันเลยทีเดียว #ปั่นพิชิตมอหินขาว #ปั่นฟินเวอร์ #ชัยภูมิ #ride #cycling #roadbike #bicycling #bicycle #bikeporn #bianchinirone7 #bianchimilano #vianirone7 #bianchi #rasta420 #celeste #pinksocks #airnethelmet #airnet #instarpic #instabike #girlride