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The brace, fabulous @traceeellisross asks, "What would it be like for women to completely own our own power, to have agency over our own glory and our sexuality, not in order to create a product or to sell it, or to feel worthy of love, or use it as a tool for safety, but instead as a WAY OF BEING? Imagine that…truly owning our own power, agency, and sexuality." She continues: "…Here’s some good news: you too can go from being You, to being The Brave You. And you should definitely try it if you haven’t already! Because Brave You is so beautiful! Not beautiful like your hair all did, or your brows all clean. When I think of what is beautiful, I think of a tree; I think of seeing a bird soar. I think of an embodied woman; I think of my mom in her ‘this is me’ glory stance, arms up, heart open, hair big, sexual, powerful, and full of agency. Beings at the height of their own resonance, their own selfness. Fully in bloom. That’s what bravery and beauty looks like. But most of all because The Brave Me reminds me that I am complete just as me. Not in relation to anyone or anything else, just wholly, fully me. The Brave You gives you the courage to hold your own agency, your own choice, your own desire, your own longings, your own fear, your own grief, your own future." The full video and transcript at: http://video.glamour.com/watch/tracee-ellis-ross-is-living-for-herself #braveme #braveyou #braveisbeautiful #womenempowerment empowerment #blacklivesmatter #blackgirlmagic #thewomensmarch #owningourpower #agency #sexuality #glamour #glamourwoty