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a few minutes ago

Not much needed to enjoy the beauty of world 🌍

33 minutes ago

Im damn proud of these fellas and prouder still to call them my brothers. We were able to spend time this weekend with Jon as he is headed serve in the United Sates Navy. AND Clayton became a father today to a healthy and happy baby girl!!! #unclestatus Love them both, wouldn’t know where Id be without them. If you see either one of them buy them a beer and shake their hand, no finer fellas anywhere.

41 minutes ago

What a breathe of fresh air to hang out with Renee Scott! Its always awesome when two women can get together, representing 2 different companies, and add value to one another's lives. Thank you for all your positive inspiration today and for a delicious lunch! We will have to go back there again! It was delicious and the atmosphere was beautiful! 😘 Network marketing is so incredibly wonderful if you do it the right way! Love building incredible friendships with those who you would have never met if it wasn't for the passion that comes from within. ❀