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So much is to come. So SO much is to come. It is so fun to anticipate it. The trouble before was 'how' and once it is switched to 'why', it releases yourself even for a moment from doubt and uncertainty. The evidence is what you're feeling. Starting my days with the feel goods. Reminding myself throughout the day that well being is everywhere. #goodmorning #goodmorningsunshine #findthegood #feelthegood #goodvibes #goodvibrations #today #thismoment #happy #happiness #wellbeing #abundance #feelgoods #love #lovealways #energy #myheart #joy #alignment

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• Creatine Supplement • Few girls asked me about creatine so here we go! Creatine is a great supplement if You are trying to grow muscle. 💪🏻 ✔️It nourish them in a good way and help growth, recovery and performance! ✔️The only side effect can be being bloated but this doesn’t happen to everyone. I don’t feel it for example! ✔️I take 5g per take in my BCAA Shaker. ✔️There isn’t any specific timing to consume it I started to take Creatine again last week because @idealfit just launched one! I’m putting the link in my BIO if you want to check it out. It’s not expensive at all, especially when you use my code 😜 If you have any question please don’t hesitate to ask below! 🇫🇷 Quelques filles m’ont demandé si je prenais de la creatine et pourquoi? Creatine est un complément au top si vous essayez de construire du muscle!💪🏻 ✔️Il nourrit vos muscles de la meilleure manière possible afin d’améliorer la construction musculaire, la récupération ainsi que vos performances! ✔️Il peut vous rendre un peu gonflé mais cela dépend des personnes. ✔️Je prend 5g de creatine par jour dans mon Shaker de BCAAs ✔️Il n’y a pas timing parfait. Perso je le prend dans la journée . Voilà j’espère que ça vous aide! Très bon mercredi à vous tous ! 🤗 ⭐️ * * * #supplement #creatine #creatinemonohydrate #shaker #abscheck #wednesdaymorning #joggerpants #comfyclothes #fitwoman #utahfitfam #utahfitness #strongwoman #healthyandhappy #morningshape #happymorning #goodmorningsunshine #fitfrenchies #frenchfitness #victoriasecrets #complementalimentaire #smilling

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Good Morning Sunshine ☀️

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O H, H E L L O. The power of saying hello to a complete stranger has the power to change your day. It’s the transfer of energy between two people. We have the choice to keep our hands in our pockets and our eyes down as we shuffle by or we can look up, meet someone’s eye and connect. It’s another way to fill your life with love. Say hello!

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Getting in shape may be hard work. You don’t get there in a day or two or even a week. It is usually a process and requires continuous effort for a long period of time. However, the results will be worth it.