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17 minutes ago

My sister showed me this drawing I did like 12 years ago today. She told me I was going to throw it away and asked me if she could keep it. Forgot it existed haha. #tbt #pencildrawing #gorillaz

24 minutes ago

Things are looking up bois 💕

31 minutes ago

Magical pink babes and leopard print rock stars 🤘🏼💕✨

44 minutes ago

Virtual Reality is making concerts more accessible from home now that 360 degree video production has become predominant in the video industry. @thegorillaz is one of the first movers in the 360 degree video space, in 2017 they were one of the first bands to create a 360 degree VR music video and then chose to live stream their next concert in 360 degree video! This gives the fans who were unable to receive tickets the opportunity to view the concert from the comfort of their living room and avoid some mosh pits in the process. Photo Creds: @360dgrees_vr #VR #360 #concert #gorillaz #simulations #oculus #fun #virtualreality #futuretech #tech #nikon #360camera #3D #Virtual #awesome #future #experience #content #augmentedreality #htcvive #music #artists

54 minutes ago

I can’t not talk about last nights’ #britawards I was mostly pleasantly surprised with the winners and I thought I’d share my positive thoughts on the evening. 1. Well done to @ragnbonemanuk for representing my part of the world 😂 Your music is full of soul and your voice is gorgeous. 2. @kendricklamar you are fucking brilliant. DAMN is a quality album and your lyrics are phenomenal. 3. Well done to @gorillaz and @foofighters for always kicking but whether I’m listening to an album or watching you perform 4. Well done and thank you to @lordemusic for giving me that glimpse of hope in mainstream pop. And finally 5. @dualipa I thought you were brilliant last night. Your speeches were fantastic and in only a short time on the music scene, to walk away with two extremely well regarded awards is extremely impressive. You’re beautiful and you’re setting a huge example to young female musicians. Keep kicking arse! #foofighters #lorde #kendricklamar #gorillaz #damonalbarn #ragnboneman #dualipa

59 minutes ago

Out of Body ft Kilo Kish, Zebra Katz and Imani Vonsha (Cut short ver. ) by Gorillaz is available on Smule now! ❤👍👍👍🙏 I had cut short Imani's part in this song as you hear in the video above, because I know that most people like me will freak out while waiting for Imani to finish her part 😂 It is more convenient and easier for Smule users to sing now!!! Why not give it a try for Kilo Kish's rap part it's kinda fun tho 😉😉 #gorillaz #2d #outofbody #smule

an hour ago

Wonder why hes in jail again

an hour ago

“I’ve got one thing to say, and it’s about this country, this country is - believe it or not - quite a small, little thing, right, but it’s a lovely place and it’s part of a beautiful world. Considering our size, we do incredible things in music. But what I want to say is, don’t let it become isolated, don’t let yourselves become cut off… We’ve got a real spirit, a real soul, so don’t let politics get in the way of all that shit ok?” - Damon at @brits 💜 #GORILLAZ #GorillazClub #DamonAlbarn

an hour ago

Oh jeE I got the computer back from my sister for like five hours so I drew this and a couple other things. Non of it really feels okay to post idk. But I am going to post them !! I do like how this looks but it just doesn’t seem like enough to warrant a whole post, you know ??? 🍒🍒🍒🌟 #damonalbarn #gorillaz #blur #blurart #myart

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I’ll keep you by my side with my super human might, #gorillaz

an hour ago

She's my collar by Gorillaz is in Smule now! 😍 Can't find the instrumental ver so sry for that 😭 Smuleann and Gorillaz fans must not miss this chance to sing this catchy song with your friends 💖