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#วันง่วง 😫😬 #วันจันทร์ เบื่อความร้อน ต้องการความรัก😜😍 . . . Lazy day. Monday’s are for chilling, while you go to work! 👌 #thailand #monday #igdaily #photography #follow4like #followback #followme #space #travelgram #workhardplayhard #nature #photooftheday #motivation #following #instagood #followforfollow #instagram #relaxing #menwithstyle #guy #guyswithstyle #life #simple #dish #undercut #backtobasics

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From her lyrics to her melodies, Taylor’s soundtracked the majority of my life & for that I am forever grateful. To get to see her for the third time, well that is an experience that words will never fully be able to express |

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Smiles aren’t always happy, And frowns aren’t always upset.

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Oh man, here we go again with Mondays. Time to replenish my bank account!

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🄶🅁🄴🄴🄽🅂 🎧 ᴘʀᴀʏ ғᴏʀ ᴍᴇ - ᴛʜᴇ ᴡᴇᴇᴋɴᴅ / ᴋᴇɴᴅʀɪᴄᴋ ʟᴀᴍᴀʀ 🎧

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Apparently this is where all you #YEG peeps take photos? 🤔

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What do you think about this outfit? Would you rock it? . . Credit: @matthewgraber

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Malibu Blues 🌊

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Right now, I'm in a state of mind I wanna be in, like, all the time Ain't got no tears left to cry❤️💧

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Life is all about having good time

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פותחים שבוע חדש עם יואב אבן הלוהט 😘😘😘 @yoaveven ✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴ רוצים להופיע בעמוד?😋 1. עיקבו אחרי העמוד🕴 2. תייגו חופשי בתמונות מתאימות 3. שלחו תמונה מתאימה וברורה (ללא 😎)! 4. סבלנות 😏 זכרו שאתם לא היחידים ששלחו 5. פרגנו בלייקים לאחרים ובכך גם תראו נוכחות👀🙌 6. אשתדל לענות לכולם, אם לא עניתי זה פשוט כי אין לי תמיד זמן⏰ 7. לא כולם יפורסמו אין מה להיפגע🤗 8. תהנו 💋 ✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴✴

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Hey Seattle! Turn your television to @king5newdaynw tomorrow morning. I’ll be dressed in a fun spring outfit styled by @thebrightreport alongside other great fashion influencers. // 📺