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a few minutes ago

I am going to just interrupt my feed of cute little girls in princess dresses and Christmas lights for a moment with what our home looks like about 99% of the time...the other percent is the day we host Life Group and try our best to get organized for it. 😂 . People have say to me that everything at our place always looks so perfectly clean but just so you know you are not alone here is a little bit of our reality.🙈 One thing I am still learning since becoming a mom is not to sweat the small stuff....like having a clean home 24-7. I used to get really worked up and stressed with things not being perfectly clean but now I am learning to see this mess as happy memories being made. Yup that’s a slide of cushions they made. Aren’t they creative? And don’t they look so innocent sitting there? 😂 #thisislife #toddlers #cityliving #unfiltered #motherhood #realtalk

10 minutes ago

Thankful for my little family And my big family And my friend family And for where I live And my job And the healthy, yummy food I get to eat every day And all the love, laughs, & support in my life 🙏 💙 Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!! #thankful #thanksgiving2017