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Annoyed & sick 24/7. 🎀

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SORRY FOR NOT POSTING SCHOOL IS KICKING MY BUTT 😭💦💔 spring break (and my birthday!!!) is coming up soon, hopefully I can get some new content out then! ❤️💜

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dear kitt y ✡️💜🕎

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Am I the only one who hates how people ruined Finn and Millie's friendship? I would react the same way as Millie if I wasn't in love with my friend and people shipped us. That's really sad how Fillie shippers destroyed their friendship, they were goals tbh...I personally shipped them too but didn't post about it all around social medias🙄 Mileven and Fillie aren't the same thing, people should see the difference, Mileven is real and it is tv show ship!! Millie confirmed that she is in relationship with Jacob and I'm so happy for her, but people are still shipping her with Finn, when will you understand that it's not real, it's hard Ik but move on. Sometimes I'm thinking, what do you think, would Fillie be real if people didn't force them on relationship? 💔

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I'm literally crying and I'm not even kidding. I love her so so so much that words are not enough to explain it ! She's my ray of sunshine, my everything, my queen, my priceless idol and I will never stop growing up with this bean ! She's the greatest role model we can wish for and I'm truly feel lucky to be one her fans. She's adorable, this video is so pure and I think it's actually my new favorite thing on Internet. I love you so much JenJen ❤ Repost from @smilingeverdeen 💖 #jenniferlawrence #JLaw #queen #myqueen #thebest #bestactress #favoriteactress #lawsbian #idol #redsparrowmovie

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well this is jus called "being completely rude"

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: Never let them see your stash :