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7 hours ago

Скоро действительно буду 🐧каждый день, закутавшись в большой пуховик, шарф и натянув шапку почти до глаз. С одной стороны это бесит,а с другой это уютно, ты как будто укрываешь себя от внешнего мира❄ (но лето все равно лучше 😂) #fromtoday #winteriscomingornot #ihopenot

2 days ago

Just had my 34 week check up. Yesterday I started to get swollen pretty bad, seeing stars and all that good stuff. My BP started at 94/60-something and I'm up to 128/80. Still within normal range but apparently the new guidelines of preeclampsia are solely when your BP gets over 140, so she hasn't ever checked for protein in my urine. 😟 I found that odd. But you can now leave an imprint on my swollen feet/ankles, so I'm keeping my feet up today, and hopefully it leaves as suddenly as it came on. She said they're definitely red signs and I need to keep checking my BP. Have any of you ever heard of not checking protein in urine? You'd think that would be the main thing they monitor. On a better note, were officially scheduled to have this baby on December 18th! 👶🏻🙌🏼💙 #decemberbaby #pregnancyjourney #thirdtrimester #preeclampsia #ihopenot #homestretch #secondpregnancy #secondaryinfertility

2 days ago

#hellonovember look! I drew mountains! Cool! I also split my monthly goals into general things to get done this month and things to do to make progress towards completing my masters thesis! This has saved me so many times where I put my thesis on hold for an adventure or when I go work in Bristol Bay, AK. There is always a list of actionable things to do when I get back to start achieving my career goals again!! #bujo #bulletjournal #isbulletjournalingjustreallycomplicatedproctastination? #ihopenot #causeihavedreamstofollow

3 days ago

I purchase, download, repost, share, like & listen to SO MANY amazing artists that are talented in their own unique way. From the world renown to the virtually unknown. I support because I simply LOVE music, and I LOVE to support others in connecting with & using their gifts. YET, in all of this, I’ve NEVER heard a voice that I’d prefer to have over my own. I’ll stick with the voice God gave me. In all that it is, and all that it’s not. It’s MY GIFT from God. Wouldn’t trade it! ❤️ Would you trade yours??! #ihopenot #grateful #dontcompare #comparisonisthethiefofjoy #yeildnottotemptation #heartchecks #notetoself #respecttheartist #worshipthecreator #appreciatethecreation #talkswithdlynn #dannettalynn #singer #sangersroom #lifteveryvoice #useYOURgifts #joy #confidence #freedom