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2 days ago

Every tree has it’s own unique character. Name this tree in the comments. #gameon

3 days ago

So unbelievably fed up of people following my account then unfollowing just to increase their followers! Prob gonna annoy people by doing this, but it’s making me question posting my SW journey at all. It’s a shame, because I love watching everyone else’s journey! I AM NOT HERE FOR FOLLOWERS! I’m here for support in this and hope that some of my posts give some of you support. Hate to name and shame but I’m so so fed up of it now... So bye @cdee_x @sw_sallyw and @sw_foodie_blog if anyone else wants to give me a heads up on problem accounts, I’d be grateful!! #fedup #swfamily #instagramgames

5 days ago

Let’s play a game 🙃. Finish this sentence in the comments, “I love to ____” POST your answer and a new sentence! Then TAG someone else to keep the game going!😜😜 We love games 🙃 play with us.

6 days ago

G A M E T I M E Who is ready for this.... Tag a freind to play too Lets have fun This should be fun althrough #fun #games #instagramgames