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5 months ago

Selling out hardcore with the classic bathroom selfie. Now that I have gained everyone's respect by flaunting my massive traps and roguish good looks, I finally feel qualified to share fitness tips - just the tip - mind you. Its evident I clearly don't know how to take a picture, and up until now my masters degree was lacking the real world experience that only sexually suggestive, self-congratulatory photos could make up for to solidify my place as a true fitness expert. Thank you for helping me complete my "studies." This picture was more difficult to take than my graduate program. Stay tuned next week for an unfiltered nipple. It's getting serious. I think that's the equivalent of a PhD last I checked on Instagram University. #sarcasm #areyounotentertained #imqualifiednow #idonthaveanarmday #itsawasteoftime #doyouactuallyflexinthese #istilldontgetit #thesehastagsarejustinnermonologue #uncomfortableinfrontofthecamera #iguessijustactlikeicareaboutthis #ofsellingoutworksitworks #amireallysellingoutifidislikeit