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Be sure to check out and follow our SoundCloud, yet another great way to keep up to date with @raze_da_lord and all of #DONtourage. Factory out now go bump that!!

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We started our dreads at the sametime but I'm catch up real quick to that boi #jcole

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bio .

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🙏🏽 You know I gotta thank God. How else I make it this far ?

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New @logic tonight 👀 Are you excited for this? ❗️ tag friends ❗️

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Thank you for the support recently:) I have received so many followers from just 1 post, and I am so happy because of it! So thank you all so much!! {Oh yeah and click the link in my bio if you have any questions to ask me:)}

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Look Alive🙏🏽☀️.. @maxboyz_ opens up this week!!⚡️