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If you don’t like anything about the flight or crew members,there are six exits 😜 #joketime

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. ⬇ Laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, thus improving your resistance to disease. Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body's natural feel-good chemicals. Laughter is the Best Medicine!😂😂😂 . ➡➡Note: The "House of Judah" and the "Lost Sheep of the House of Israel" [also called Joseph / Ephraim / Ten Tribes / Goyim / Gentiles / Notzrim / Christians (see➡ @top10disappearances for Messianic / Christian side)] have started to shake hands after 2,700 years of separation FULFILLING PROPHECY, now that JERUSALEM is also being acknowledge❗ . ➡➡➡Beloved PRESIDENT TRUMP, his family and his administration play a 'major role' in this prophetic event - he is the modern-day King Cyrus the Great who ended the captivity👏👏👏 and we solute you! . ➡➡➡➡'Notzrim' is the modern Hebrew word for CHRISTIANS. In Jer 31:6 EPHRAIM, who is the TEN TRIBE 'HOUSE OF lSRAEL', would be called Notzrim in Hebrew in the future according to prophecy. The root of Notzrim means 'Watchmen' as stated in this verse. The word translated as 'Watchmen', does not apply to the House of Judah, ONLY to Ephraim, who is the 'House of Israel'. Jeremiah was in fact prophesying that the TEN TRIBES in the latter times WOULD BE CHRISTIANS, and as such would be Judah's ALLY, exactly as President Trump is doing, and not Judah's adversary! . 🔹The first formal open dialogue between the Two Houses, where the Prodigal Son and the Son in the House are now talking again❗ 🔹YOU are now "Commonwealth of Israel" family and undeniably prophecy in the making❗ 🔹Follow us on Facebook for the latest restoration news❗ . ☝We plea with you to be sensitive, patient, tolerant, long-suffering, and to bear fruit for this remarkable eventuality. We wish you Shalom as we await Moshiach 🔱 . #laughteristhebestmedicine #laught #jokesandjokesandjokes #jokerandthethief #jokerfan #joketime #jokerart #laughoutloud #jokesonme #jokerface #shortjoke #shortjokes #humorous #humorflow #humör #humor😂 #humordaily #lag #humoriste #humorheals #humortoday #humorgospel #humorcrew #humorquotes #humorecards #humorme #humorspecial #jewishhumor #top10disappearances #commonwealthofisrae

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Это из серии: -Мам,можно открыть яблочный сок? -Да,вдвоём по чек-листу! #joketime