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Man look at all those calories in that ribeye....Calories in vs Calories out is 💩 . Telling someone trying to lose weight or drop body fat to track their food and make sure they eat less calories than they burn is like telling a poor person to earn more than they spend. They've probably worked that one out on their own. . Just because something is factual (like eat less than you burn to cause weight loss) doesn't mean it's helpful. Hunger, metabolic rate, stress/cortisol levels, insulin resistance all play a role . Calories in vs calories out is surface level thinking and takes away the nuance of nutrition. You can't communicate something complex through a 10 second sound bite so it gets oversimplified to the point that it becomes useless

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♨️♨️There are lots of tips and tricks to shed weight and even body fat-- quickly. I have extensive protocols I use with my athletes to give them that "thin skin" look. . . In this short post I want to only share 3 quick tips with you to help you knock off a quick 2-3 pounds of weight. . . . . 1. Cut Calories and Carbs Big! I would say go as far as to do a total Fast, but most can't handle that. So cut back on your calories as much as 500-1000 less than your norm for 24-48 hours. Keep in mind, most rapid weight gain is mostly water weight. One gram of carbs will carry as much as 4 grams of water water. Think about how that might impact your scale. . . 2. Eat more healthy fats and protein and only THIS vegetable- Let your main source of fuel be healthy fats and protein. Although I'm 100% sold out on Keto, for someone seeking to lose fast water weight, I recommend more protein than fat. But remember, still keeping calories very low for at least 24-48 hours. Vegetable of choice-- asparagus. Only asparagus. If you can't handle that ... nibble on cucumber. Eat it raw or in a small vinegar and oil concoction. SMALL PORTIONS! . 3. EXPEND... EXPEND...EXPEND! Burn off calories and water weight through activity, cardio and workouts. Full body routines mixed with cardio intervals will work best. . . . #keto #ketosis #ketogenic #lowcarb #ketogains #jesus #shredded #ripped # selfie #therock #diet #weightloss beachbody #cardio #gym #muscles #lift #sixpack #naturalbodybuilding #fitness #bodybuilding #cheatmeal #Gym #jacked #ACV #bodytransformation #lift #fatloss #flexfriday #fat

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Omg I'm obsessed with this seasoning😍💪🏼👌🏼 Steak (extra butter duh) and bacon wrapped jalapeños. One of my favorite meals. My Thanksgiving is tomorrow since I'm forced to work every thanksgiving 😂 Hope everyone has an amazing weekend!! @thespicebeast 👈🏼 -------------------------------------- #thespicebeast #steak #bacon #foodporn #food #keto #ketosis #ketogenicdiet #ketodiet #ketogenic #lchf #lowcarb #lowcarbhighfat #weightloss #weightlossjourney #losingweight #lowcarblife #eatfatlosefat #bodybybacon

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Did a little Black Friday shopping on my break. Went to try on jeans at Express and they were all out of 14’s. I was brave and tried on a 12! They are a little snug, but I know in a few weeks they will be perfect 👌🏼 I was almost in tears. I wore a 16 before I started. Looking forward to going back in a few weeks and seeing how their button downs fit. For several years I couldn’t shop for tops there and it’s one of my favorite shops. #nsv #keto #ketoworks #ketogenic

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Bacon, avocado and egg lettuce wraps with McChicken sauce 😍 off to a craft show tonight and want to make sure I'm not tempted by any if the delicious treats I know will be there!