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🎉 Mừng KHAI TRƯƠNG năm MẬU TUẤT 2018 - @cincosmetic gửi đến chị em thân yêu chương trình khuyến mãi mua SON 3CE với giá siêu yêu luôn nè 💓 ✅ Thời gian áp dụng: 23 - 24/2 💥 Giá SALE như sau 😍: 1. 🔸Son 2 đầu chì + kem: 3CE STUDIO VELVET CREAM & LIP PENCIL ✔️ Giá SALE: #200k/c ( Giá Gốc: 380k/c) ✔️ Còn màu: #kisses, #desperado 2. 🔸 Son kem lì siêu mềm,mịn 3CE VELVET LIP TINT ✔️ Giá SALE: #250k/c ( Giá Gốc: 285k/c) ✔️ Còn màu: 1. #GoingRight: cam hồng đất 2. #NearAndDear: hồng đất 3. #PinkBreak: hồng đào 4. #ChildLike: đỏ cam 5. #BestEver: đỏ thuần 6. #SaveMe: san hô sáng 3. 🔸 Son kem lì 3CE LIQUID LIP COLOR ✔️ Giá SALE: #180k/c ( Giá Gốc: 280k/c) ✔️Còn màu: #lazy 4. 🔸 Son thỏi lì 3CE MOOD RECIPE on&on ✔️ Giá SALE: #280k/c ( Giá Gốc: 330k/c) ✔️ Còn màu: 218,220,222 5. 🔸 Son thỏi 3CE RED RECIPE ✔️ Giá SALE: #200k/c ( Giá Gốc: 280k/c) ✔️ Còn màu: 212

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Buổi chụp ảnh cho BST: BIN, NẮNG & HOA Cool chưa 😎

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Taco’s definition of helping.

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Sweat pants + t-shirt + Hoodie is the best outfit ever. You can chill out and relax in them and feel cumfortable, removing the hoodie if it gets too warm, but also... If you need to pop to the shops for milk you are properly dressed for that quick dander up the street to the local corner shop. If there is an emergency you don't have to do a quick change out of your pyjamas as what you are wearing is a perfectly understandable outfit to show up in. Have an unexpected late night caller? No problem! Because your not in the fireman Sam pyjamas your mummy bought you. Someone coaxes you out for a drink? No problem, depending the place you're going isn't fancy there's a good chance you can get in in what your currently wearing and if it is fancy, we'll then you get to stay in as it's "laundry day" If you agree give me some more examples!