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Stress is now more common than ever and sometimes it’s out of our control. If you’re suffering from chronic stress this could definitely be a sign of magnesium deficiency. Each of our #floatpods is filled with 500kgs of #EpsomSalt.. (That’s a lot of Magnesium 😉👍🏼) Having a float will help protect and promote the health your nervous system tissues and replenish your depleted magnesium levels. We are not saying this will fix all your problems but we can guarantee your body will be thankful for it 😉🌿💪🏼

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After Gym shake with a side of @strongfitnessmag article to top it off. I am all of the above. When my pain becomes a 10 ( throw up level ), the CBD rub which a friend gave to me is the only thing that works. Trust me I have tried it all over the last 12 years. Honestly it is like taking a big deep breath after almost drowning. #chronicpain #fitmom #willpower #thebuzz #cbd #shake

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Chalkboard and Wreath 🌿

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Pattern inspiration 🌿🌿🌿