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I'm a mystery. My success is hiding from the world but exist in mine. I'm that girl who people are always negative towards but at the end when I'm making it in life they will come around. That's when I will remind them their negatively only made me stronger and I NO longer need them to try to continue being in my life. Been through a lot and it was caused by others, I'm working my way up and never looking down anymore. God is my strength. 🙏🙏🙏💜💜💜 #girlsbe #trocolikes #sdv #likeforlikes #likeforshoutout #followfollowfollow #likeforfollow #followmenow #followbacks #liked #favoritesong #followbacknow #segue #followmefollowback #sigodevolta #followback #bomdia #boanoite #follow4followback

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× We can always hang at the pool. Just don't ask what's inside of the cup.

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Already loving the IT Cosmetics Miracle Water leaving my skin as soft as it has ever been 👌🏼 there is a good amount of product in one bottle that is an absolute pretty one, check out that packaging 😍 excited to see the benefits from the Secret Sauce as it’s my first time using it tonight. I always love a secret sauce - especially from @innout 🍔 *gifted for review ———————————————— Many thanks at #ITCosmetics + @victoriasneden you are truly missed by me + other #bbloggers ❤️ #skincare #skinfirst #ITsMySecret @itcosmetics @victoriasneden @sephora

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Good morning 🍊

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Hacer cosas que tu no hacías por otra persona solo para gustarle eso puede que no termine bien. 👌

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it's hard being shy and wanting attention at the same time

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Scott & Sofia Riche💀