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Ima need some booty pics in my dm when I wake up or im kms

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Episode 6 * he walked over to me* L:" can you do up my tie" *I laughed* T:" your 22 and you can't" *I laughed again. I did it* L:" maybe I can, maybe I just wanted you close" * he smirked and walked into the bathroom. He left. The next morning,I went into uni. We were all sat in media class* T:"okay, everyone quiet down. Today we have a special guest to come teach us about his life" *logan walked in, I put my head in my hands. He taught the lesson. It was 10 minutes to the end, he was teaching about how he has to make things entertaining so he brings sexual jokes in. One of the girls (Polly the one who took the photos) P:" maybe you should teach us about sex,I'm sure Toff would want to know, seeing as she's a virgin" * everyone turned around and looked at me. Including logan. Chris sits next to me* C:" she's not a virgin, she slept with me" * he's the so called hot guy in our class. But he's also pollys ex boyfriend. The bell went I quickly got up and put my hood over my head I was walking out when someone grabbed my hand. I turned around* P:" So you slept with my ex boyfriend!" T:" no, of course not" P:" you stupid bitch" * she went to hit me in the face, I blocked it and punched her straight in the face* T:" toff, To the headmaster office" * after a long conversation with him, he suspended me for a month. I walked out, I got home and my parents ranted at me. The next day, they all went to work, I was home alone. I was wearing shorts and a bralette, I walked out of my room Into my kitchen. When I turned around Logan was there* T:" omg, you scared the shit out of me" * he passed his hoodie, I put it on* T:" thanks.... #loganpaul #logang #logangfanfiction #loganpaulfanfiction #brendannorth #loganpaul

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