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Everyone is trading something💭 • Some trade time for a paycheque⌚️. • Some trade risk for profit 💵. • Some trade happiness for security🔐. • You say your making an honest living but are you HONESTLY LIVING 🤔. • 20 years from now you’ll regret the things you DIDNT do, not the things you DID do💯. • #Forex #FreeMinds #TimeFreedom

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Brown Lace Agate bracelet with a Teddy Bear 🐻 and Yellow Calcite bracelet with a Honey Bee 🐝 are the cutest ever😍💕 DM to order 📩 Agate is a great stone to help you stabilize physical energy, it has calming and soothing power, slowly brings you great strength. 〰️ Calcite is an awesome stone for students, it helps learning abilities. Also calcite increases and amplifies energy.

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Money all colors like monopoly 🆗( FACE IT ) 🙈🔐 #love

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~ Siempre serán de alguien.

3 months ago

La revisite de la traditionnelle tarte citron meringuée🍋🥧 en cupcakes ! Et vous, quel est votre dessert préféré ? 🤩 Saveurs 😋 Gâteau : vanille / cœur crème citron Topping : meringue italienne