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Foto da ocorrência de ontem! 🕺💃✌️ Tico e Teco 🐿️🐿️

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When I was a kid I had a hard time using the “L” word. We didn’t say it much in my family but I had friends that would throw it around willy nilly and it felt foreign to me to do that. Over the years I’ve gotten a better understanding of the word love but I still use it sparingly. Now I ONLY use it when describing something that elicits that emotion. I love my job, I love my groups, I love my team, I love the atmosphere created when all these things come together. An atmosphere that is positive, uplifting, and encouraging. I really love that and I think that’s why other people love being a part of our groups. They feel my love and the love the other coaches on the team. We devote our love to our jobs and it elicits the same emotion in them. You stick around when you love something. In our world, sticking around means results ❤️ I was in the midst of having several conversations with people where I was giving encouraging words and support when I heard something to the effect of this message on the TV. Flash forward to today, Monday. Monday’s are fun because of all the happy feelings I get for making other people happy. I love seeing the appreciation for what I do. It’s incredibly rewarding and fuels my fire to keep doing it. Great job to everyone wrapping up week 2 of #theinfinitychallenge

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How I love these women! There used to be just the six of us living in a student house in Oxford and now, 16 years later, we’re a gang of twenty-four! Loved having my girls here for the day with a handful of the youngest offspring-how very lucky we are...xx #girls #babies #besties #lovethem

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I hope they always believe in the impossible, and never stop chasing their dreams. #mila_and_suri

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